Travel, Youth, & Juan For Fun

Candice Iyog, VP for Marketing & Distribution

To travel is fun, but ever more so while you are young! Young adults in their 20s are in their prime and is most physically fit to travel where they can basically do anything they want.

Zest Air CAAP Suspension Lifted

Zest Air Operations Resume

In a recent press statement by Zest Air, their management has expressed surprise over CAAP’s suspension on the airline reiterating that their planes are safe and airworthy.

Global Visas and Visiting Abroad

Global Visas

More and more Filipinos are trying to get jobs abroad for both work and pleasure. The Commission on Filipinos Overseas reported that there were 10.4 million Filipinos in permanent, temporary or irregular status abroad in 2011.

A Weekend at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo

Loreland Farm Resort

It was a long weekend in the Philippines due to a religious holiday this year extending from August 9 to 11. Together with a group of blogger friends, we ventured into nearby Antipolo‘s mountainside resort – Loreland Farm Resort.

La Trinidad, Benguet: Three Aspects of Organic Agriculture

Organic Agricluture: From Micro to Macro

Amid all the technologies and exciting developments happening around us, we come to a point when we just want to run away from all of them and go back to the most basic of things.

Tips for Traveling with Large Amounts of Jewelry

Traveling w/ Jewelry

Traveling with luggage is no easy task, but it gets more difficult if you have to carry large amounts of jewelry with you. You have to think of the possibility that they can get lost or stolen. And even when you’re already holding the bag firmly in your hands, there’s a chance that someone snatches [...]

R.O.X. Bike Fair is Back!

R.O.X. Bike Fair

Rolling on two wheels, R.O.X.’s month-long bike fair for two-wheel ride enthusiasts – the Two Wheel Madness – is back and sure to take fitness and biking enthusiasts for a spin.

Going Back to Sagada After 4 Years

Let's Go Sagada!

The last time I went to Sagada was in 2009. Four years later, I will be back. This time, with my wife and upon the invitation of the Department of Agriculture to mainly visit some organic farms and enjoy the sights along the way.

AirAsia Two Million Promo Seats

AirAsia Big Sale

Seat sale alert as AirAsia celebrates 5th World’s Best Title with 2 million Promo Seats.

Travel & Food: Tour de France @ Spiral this July

Tour de France @ Spiral

This month of July, Spiral Manila pays tribute to an conic cycling event race in the world, Tour de France. Now celebrating its 100th glorious year, experience the thrill and excitement of the race through a gastronomic ride of French culinary at Spiral. Nice, 1- 7th July   On its first stop to its culinary [...]