Spott3d: Isdaan at Gerona Tarlac

Isdaan is a floating restaurant located and easily accessible from the main highway in Gerona, Tarlac. Travelers heading north would easily recognize it from the roadside as characterized by giant sculptures resembling features of Mayan origin.

A Primer on “Let’s Go Surfing”

Let’s Go Surfing is Sago‘s first year anniversary project on August 15-16. It’s a charity surfing clinic for bloggers and beginner surfers. It’d be held at Billabong Surf School and San Juan Surf Resort in Urbiztondo Beach,

Amano: Tomas Morato’s Upcoming Contemporary Bistro

Amidst the bustling street of Tomas Morato, will soon rise a new bistro that will give Southern Luzon cuisines a new flavor. They named it Amano, an old Filipino term rich with cultural allusions.

Starbucks Philippines’ Coffee Jelly Variants Out Today; Contest Winner Announced

Starbucks Philippines‘ new Coffee Jelly line is now available. In line with this, Sago hosted a related simple blog contest last week. They now offer three new variants of the Dark Roast Coffee Jelly and six new

Super Bowl of China’s 4 Super New Dishes

The first-half of the year has just been over. And as we start the next half today, July 1, Super Bowl reveals 4 new dishes in its menu: the Weave Cut Potatoes with Minced Pork, Beef Fillet

Sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint – Sagada Series 3

After the trek at Banga-an Rice Terraces and Bomod-ok Falls on day 1, our day 2 started early with a sunrise at the Kiltepan Viewpoint.

Starbucks Unveils Something New on July 2

Seven days from now, Starbucks will reveal a new set of iced beverages and pastry items to add zest in your Starbucks experience. On July 2, 2009, Starbucks Coffee Company will start to offer three new variants

Burger Avenue’s The Ridiculous Burger Challenge (in Video)

It came as a surprise. Together with some friends earlier this afternoon, we dined at A.Venue’s Burger Avenue in Makati. With some teasing and prodding from fellow blogger-friends, I took the burger-eating dare called The Ridiculous Challenge.