Cuillère Revisited

A visit to Cuillère will give you a slice of France, French food that is. Chicken a la Creme I tried one of their newer main course – Chicken a la Creme. Drizzled with truffle oil and

‘Let’s Go Sago!’ is 1-Month-Old!

Let’s Go Sago! celebrates its first month anniversary today with a collection of celebrities’ & bloggers’ portraits with Sago. Find him in each of them! Sago loves the camera and hopes to have more photo ops with

WordCamp Manila Blow-by-Blow!

This is the day. 6:30 a – Arrived @ site 7:27 a – volunteers complete attendance; abt 5 early bird campers here now 7:40 a – Barcode servers/readers to arrive in a few minutes; more campers arrive!

Septem..umm…Oktoberfest Map

Sept 17 Update: What: Oktoberfest 120 Na! (Oktoberfest for Bloggers!) When: September 26, 2008, Friday, 7:00 p.m. Where: Taste Asia, Mall of Asia (beside SM Hypermarket) Why: Parteeh! Read organizer invite here by Aileen Apolo (Google Philippines)

WordCamp Manila In A Few Hours

‘Beef Noodle King’ in Chowking

Earlier today, the renowned Chef Liu Zheng Hsiung of Lao Dong restaurant chain in Taiwan shared his expertise in cooking variants of his signature beef noodles with Chowking chefs. This was showcased at the Meet & Greet

Spott3d! : Mt. Hibok-Hibok

Mt. Hibok Hibok is one of the 7 volcanoes in Camiguin Island located off Mindanao’s northern shores. Being the only active volcano in the island its slopes can pose a challenge for the mountain climber to reach


“Spott3d!” will feature different landmarks, icons, and places around the Philippines and beyond; one picture at a time. Its objective is to seduce the onlooker into the picturesque image and lure him/her into its magical territory. It