“Thank You” for your Emerging & Influential Votes

Sago of LetsGoSago.net
Sago of LetsGoSago.net

For almost three months now, votes and entries have been coming in the 2009 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project organized by Philippine Internet advocate Ms. Janette Toral. It aims to recognize those who are “gradually gaining a considerable amount of readership and influence” in the blogosphere.

Sago dedicates this post to thank all those who voted for this blog – LetsGoSago.net.

Having only started August 08, 2008, it is truly heart warming of you guys to appreciate our efforts in bringing you travel adventures, food features, and quality content. Knowing that the votes come from real awesome bloggers just made it sweeter. 🙂

One of my routine is to check out the blogs of those who voted for me as much as I can and leave ‘thank you‘ comments in their posts. I am often caught in surprise upon seeing well-established bloggers, the ‘it‘ bloggers in the Philippine blogosphere and whom I look up to as model bloggers, voting for Sago.

This was even highlighted in some weekly summaries (tallies) wherein Sago emerged in the top spots (week 3 summary). Although in the lastest tally this week, and with a few days left to vote, Sago is now just barely hanging at no.9. (week 10 summary).

Nonetheless, to be included in this list alone, because of your votes, is rewarding enough. I shall participate in this activity myself and come up with my own list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs within the next few days to beat the July 30 deadline. You may find it in my other similarly nominated blog – Digital Manila.

Sago Hugs
Sago Hugs

If you are a blogger, you may also opt to vote by checking this link.

Let me end this thanksgiving article with the least that I can do to give back the vote of confidence that you shared: (I shall populate this list tomorrow, as I have yet to compile them) with Link Loves to your sites. 🙂

If you voted for Sago and didn’t see your love links above, please do send me an email (from the header of this blog), perhaps I might have missed your article.

Again, a heartfelt thanks from Sago for voting him as one of your Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009. Congratulations too to the other blogs in the list and God bless us all at the results and awarding night on August 08, 2009.

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