2 Anniversary Giveaways as Let’s Go Sago Turns 2!

Two years ago at this hour – 8pm of August 8, 2008Sago of LetsGoSago.net was born.

Lets Go Sago! 2nd Anniversary
Let's Go Sago! 2nd Anniversary

The first post was actually a scheduled one as it was also the first day of my solo backpacking trip in Singapore. I made sure it came out in case I had problems in Singapore.

Two years, 200++ articles, 20+ trips, TV show guestings and a newspaper feature after, here we are.

Calaguas Beach Jump
Calaguas Beach Jump

Thank you dear readers for joining Sago and I in our travels, adventures, and even misadventures; including last year’s first anniversary Bloggers’ Surfing Camp in La Union.

Mt. Pinatubo Crater
Mt. Pinatubo Crater

We have also turned into a travel blog from the then travel-and-food-blog by branching out with food blog NomNomClub.com, Yet, you have stayed with us. I hope that the change was beneficial as we are more travel-focused now.

As a custom of giving it back to the community, we are holding two anniversary giveaways for our subscribers, If you haven’t subscribed, pls subscribe here. The first one starts tonight and ends 9pm August 17 18. Winners to be announced on August 18 11:59pm. The second anniversary giveaway starts August 19, and ends August 28. Results on Aug 31.

Hot Air Balloon 2010 (Clark)
Hot Air Balloon 2010 (Clark)

Grand Giveaway 1 Mechanics

1. Subscribers can simply choose from ANY of LetsGoSago.net’s past travel articles of your choice from the archive and share the “link” of that article in your FB wall.
2. Include a brief explanation of why you chose that article.
3. Make sure to include the manually typed “@LetsGoSago” tag so it would reflect in LetsGoSago’s FB fanpage wall.
4.One Person – One Entry Policy. For Philippine Residents Only.


Sumilon Island, Cebu
Sumilon Island, Cebu

The two winners with the best answer will win a 2G Flashdrive/thumbdrive for the first placer and Coors Duffle Bag for the second placer.

Two more consolation prizes will be given to the third and fourth best answers – a Unilab gift pack (3rd place) and Jollibee gift certificate (4th place).

But Wait There’s More!

Pinatubo 4x4 Trek
Pinatubo 4x4 Trek

All winners are automatically invited to NomNom Foodie Club‘s 1st Anniversary Get Together on September 04, 2010. It would be held at a Greenwich branch (to be announced) where they would be getting their prizes as well.

In the same light, I’m officially introducing the Let’s Go Travel Club. Check more details here.

Davao Zorb Park
Davao Zorb Park

Remember, this is only Part 1!

Watch out on August 19 for the 2nd Anniversary Giveaway with bigger and better prizes from a branded travel gear sponsor!

Good news is you could join and win in both contests! We are still open for other interested sponsors.


Photo courtesy of Michael Sy Yu & Make-up by Bambi Dela Cruz from BlogNaPinoy.com

Join now and celebrate LetsGoSago.net‘s 2nd anniversary month-long grand giveaway!

33 thoughts on “2 Anniversary Giveaways as Let’s Go Sago Turns 2!

  1. wow!!! 🙂 na miss ko bigla si SAGO!! 🙂 hehehehehe met him once sa DAVAO 🙂 congratulations SAGO!!! hope you can visit us again SOON 🙂 GENSAN naman tayo!! 🙂 hehehehehe

  2. @ria – thanks!

    @Donna – Sago was there in Davao last July! 🙂 I want gensan too! I haven’t been there!

    @Stonibert – thanks!

  3. Hi sago! nice to meet you and congrats on the two-year mark! 🙂
    i’m planning to do my own solo (pwede rin with friends) backpacking next year so I’ll be dropping by more often… hanap ng tips and tricks for the trips 😀
    thanks for the informative articles. keep traveling and blogging!

  4. @lainee – nice to hear Lainee! Sakto, I’ll be publishing the Cebu-CDO-Davao-Iloilo backpack itineraries in the next few weeks. 🙂

  5. @Jason – thanks Jason!

    @Ria – the foodie club is separate though, sa community siya ni NomNomClub.com 🙂 If you go to NomNom Club, there’s a header link where any foodie could join.

  6. hi sir jonel!

    congratulations! i remember my first day here in your blog and the first time i saw you at an event… and wow, two years na pala!

    sir, i’ll share with you a link of my top ten emerging blogs once i finish it, nomnom is included…

    again, congrats and more years to come for sago and also for nomnom (“,)

  7. Thanks @laocee, @josephine, @sows, & wentot! 🙂

    @earth, wala nang Siargao.

    Abangan nlng ang Summer Saya 2011: Let’s Go Pinatubo. 🙂

  8. @Darwin – yes, thank you very much, pls share in your blogs and FB walla 🙂

    @jongski – i can ship via courier anywhere in the Philippines the small-size prizes for free. Pero ung duffle bag hindi kasi malaki. 🙂

    @melandria – thanks

  9. HAPPY 2nd year ANNIVERSARY!(^_^)

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your Travel Blog post.. It really helps a lot for us who loves to travel too!=)

    I joined! And subscribe already in your blog.

    Honestly I was so happy for this maybe the chance for me to have a duffle bag for my hubby.

    Thanks and More Power!

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