Cheapest Ride from Iloilo International Airport

IloIlo Airport
IloIlo Airport

For travelers on a budget like me, savings in transportation do matter specially if it means sparing oneself from the high cost of airport taxis. And during my first time in Iloilo City this year, I accidentally discovered one.

It was my first solo local trip outside of Luzon and I wasn’t able to research much on how to go about Iloilo (I love surprising myself sometimes) 🙂 Upon arrival at the Iloilo International Airport, I got some tourism brochures and maps provided for free at the airport lobby.

Cheapest Ride from Iloilo Airport
Cheapest Ride from Iloilo Airport

Upon going out of the main gate, it was good that “Van 4 Hire” signs are readily visible. As expected, of course, there were offers for airport taxis as well.

I refused and continued to look around and observe first until I decided to finally ask details from the girl who was persistent in waving her hands towards the direction of their van/s. There were about 4 vans parked in front of the airport at that time.

I inquired and she said the fare was P50 ($1.20). I asked until where this would bring me to the city and she responded: “SM Iloilo.”

Good! “SM” is short for ShoeMart. This is one of, if not the most famous mall in the Philippines which have spread through the provinces as well after dominating the national capital region.

The van transport was a kolorum/quolorum-type van where it has to meet the set number of passengers before the vehicle leaves the airport for cost-efficiency purposes. It was good enough as I only had to wait about 15mins before the van was filled. There were at least 15 passengers plus the driver in total. Most importantly, the van is air-conditioned. 🙂

Travel time from airport to SM City Iloilo was about 30 minutes or half an hour.

Iloilo International Airport, Philippines
Iloilo International Airport, Philippines

Later on I discovered that it would cost P300P350 ($8) fare if you take the taxi.

From Iloilo City, you could take the van again going back to the airport at the same station in the parking lot of SM City Iloilo where you were dropped earlier.

Van Transport Terminal in front of Iloilo Intl Airport
Van Transport Terminal in front of Iloilo Intl Airport

The van transport service time could start as early as 4am and has a number of trips upto 7pm. In betweens are usually in sync 2 hours before the airport departure flights. For example, if you have a 3pm flight, the vans are most availbale at 12nn to 1pm in SM Iloilo, ready to bring you back to the airport. Their system takes note of the flight schedule.

Well, ok, I’ve read an even cheaper way of going to the airport. It involves taking jeepneys and multicabs from Bangga Dama (Dama Junction) but I have no idea where this is and how to go about this route. 🙂

Visayas Blogging Summit
Visayas Blogging Summit

And this is my tip/guide to fellow travelers and friends going with me to the Visayas Blogging Summit this weekend. This would be my third visit to Iloilo this year alone. So if you ask what is the most comfortable and cheapest ride from Iloilo Airport to Iloilo City? The P50 van is it. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Cheapest Ride from Iloilo International Airport

  1. Actually, there is an even cheaper alternative for just P26. Ride the airport multicab parked at the leftmost end of the terminal (if you’re exiting from the arrival area) – P10. Drop off at Bangga Dama (intersection) within Santa Barbara town … landmark is Total Gas Station and Mercury Drug Store. Ride Santa Barbara SM/Hi-way jeep to SM City – P16.

    I always use this route since my house is just along the way to the airport. Going to the airport, you can ride the Santa Barbara jeep across the street from SM City. Drop off at Bangga Dama. The terminal for multicabs going to the airport is just across Mercury Drug Store/Total Gas Station.

  2. Thanks Marcus,

    yeah, this is the “Bangga Dama” I mentioned in the second to the last paragraph. Thanks for the details. I haven’t tried that route though so I can’t visualize.

    But it got me curious and will try this route the next time I go to Iloilo.

    I’ve got sad news though, this just in, i have to ccancel my flight to Iloilo due to some impt matters here in Metro Manila. 🙁

    Kudos to the participants of Visayas Blogging Summit!

  3. Hi kuya Sago!…hehe at least now i have some ideas,..I’m planning also to go in Iloilo all by myself!haha..kuya what is the cheapest airline ticket?…balak ko sana magbarko na lang eh para mas mura kasi diba pag airplane mga 2k+?tama ba?…hehe

  4. I got my Decu pac ticket via promo so try to catch one if you want it cheap.

    Planes are cheaper in promo fares, but compared to regular rates, perhaps, taking the boat can be a little cheaper. 🙂

  5. I asked some friends before I went to Iloilo, and the van is their suggestion. But we missed the van when we are going back to the airport we heard that vans in SM Iloilo is until 7Pm only, so we took the taxi that costs 350 pesos… Thanks for sharing this to everyone going to Iloilo…

  6. Yes Pinoy Adventurista, I indictaed that it’s only upto 7pm max. It’s because that’s also about the time to catch the last flight from Iloilo.

  7. thanks for the post, really great help you have a clear instruction that i can visualize it ..this will be my first time to ilo-ilo city

  8. thanks talaga ha’
    sorry for late post or comment
    walang pinag-iba sa guide/instruction mo
    kaya ang dating, parang sanay na sanay na ako sa ilo-ilo
    thanks a lot!

  9. Ong Bun Inn would be one of the cheapest hotel/inn accommodation near Robinson’s Mall and a ride away from SM Mall in Iloilo City.

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