University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC) Future Targets Medical Tourism

University Physicians Medical Center
University Physicians Medical Center

The country’s top state and university-run public hospital Philippine General Hospital (PGH) will soon house a modern and state of the art medical facility at the UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB) – the University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC).

UPMC is so far the only outpatient ambulatory surgical center in Metro Manila with advance diagnostic facilities and specialty therapeutic clinics supported by UP medical and paramedical experts.

UPMC Advacned Facilities
UPMC Advacned Facilities

Focusing on ambulatory, cardiovascular, and laboratory services, UPMC aims to be one of the most reliable provider of expert medical care committed to the advancement of well-being and the community.

They are also looking into providing aesthetic medical services in the near future that exemplifies procedures on body part enhancements and skin treatments including injectibles and laser-based procedures. This would then add to and support the Philippines’ bid on growing its medical tourism sector.

With an advertising slogan of “Getting Better Just Got Better,” UPMC highlights quality health care service at an affordable price. This is based on the fact that 70% of the surgery services offered do not require hospital confinement. With price-points at only about 10% more than what PGH generally charges, their target social class broad C and B market is readily achievable.

UPMC Clinics
UPMC Clinics

I got to visit the medical center a few days ago and got some photos of the medical center’s equipment, rooms, and facilities.

Among their advanced facilities include digital mammography, a 1.5 T MRI, whole spine x-ray, and a 64-slice CT Scan. Although there can be higher multi-level-slice CT scan, the 64-Slice provides the most practical cost-efficient performance.

Whole Spine X-ray
Whole Spine X-ray
Digital Mammography
Digital Mammography

Their focus medical services are on Colonoscopy, Scoliosis treatment, and Digital Mammography.

Here is the list of current products and services:
Laboratory Services

  • Bacteriology
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Clinical Microscopy
  • Hematology
  • Histopathology
  • Serology/Immunology
  • Screening Drug Test

Radiology Services

  • 64-Slice CT Scan
  • 1.5 T MRI
  • Digital Fluoroscopy
  • Digital Mammography
  • Digital Radiography
  • Ultrasonography


  • Gamma Camera (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Pulmonary Function Test (Pulmonary Service)
  • Operating Room

Neuro-Rehab Service

  • Rehab Gym
  • EEG
  • EMG

Cardiovascular Service

  • Cardio Ultrasound
  • ECG
  • Stress Test
  • Holter Monitoring

Doctor’s Clinics on the following:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Dental
  • Family Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Neurosciences
  • OB-Gyne
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Rehab Medicine
  • Surgery

Currently, they are associated with East West, Asia Life, and EduCare health insurances. By early next year, they expect to be approved by PhilHealth and have Medicare as well, among others. A pharmacy, convenience store, and a foodcourt is currently being constructed in the FMAB building.

UPMC Laboratories
UPMC Laboratories
UPMC Waiting Area & Queue Syatem
UPMC Waiting Area & Queue Syatem
UPMC State of the art Machines
UPMC State of the art Machines

Challenges Ahead

Although, an additional hospital is basically a good thing, not everyone is excited of having UPMC in the UPM-PGH vicinity. Being a privately owned hospital by the Mercado General Hospital Inc. /DMMC, the construction of UPMC has been held in question by some concerned groups and student bodies.

UPMC Antique steel bars retained as wall design and fixture
UPMC Antique steel bars retained as wall design and fixture

With a contract to convert, rehabilitate, develop and operate the old dispensary building of FMAB, their main concern is the implication of having a privately-owned hospital amidst a state-run university and public hospital.

Being an out-patient medical center, the owners highlighted that UPMC will be jointly managed by both UPM-PGH and DMMC through an FMAB management team. Furthermore,  UPMC‘s presence will be more complementary than competitive to that of PGH’s services. And that the backlog of waiting patients, specially those who can pay a little-extra, would have more options compared to the high cost of most private hospitals in Metro Manila.

UPMC also aims to provide centralize teaching, training, and research-related facility for both the faculty and medical students alike. An incentive package of affordable clinic spaces for the UPM faculty shall also be made available.

UPMC Doctors Clinics
UPMC Doctor's Clinics

Looking Ahead

I hope UPMC would indeed be of greater service to the masses by providing state of the art medical equipment and care while maintaining common-man cost levels.

UPMC Quick Message Slot
UPMC Quick Message Slot

As a start up medical center, I think their strongest point is the brand equity of UP Manila. Having UP faculty physicians and students lend UPMC the state university’s credibility health care expertise.

With 11 departments and 71 clinic cubicles, UPMC will be officially launched on January 10, 2011. It is currently on soft opening with most departments already functional.

University Physicians Medical Center is located at the UP-PGH, Faculty Medical Arts Bldg., PGH Compound, Taft Avenue, Manila City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Check thier homepage at They are also on Facebook.

University Physicians Medical Center
University Physicians Medical Center

UPMC can be contacted at +63-2-3535518 and is open from 6am to 8pm Mondays through Fridays but closes earlier at 6pm on Saturdays.

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