Who is Sago?



Sago is your travel buddy and chow pal.

He is adventurous and enjoys going to new places. He loves to explore the great outdoors and try things he haven’t yet experienced. Although he is a sinker when it comes to swimming, he loves the beach and surfing among all.

Join Sago in his travel and food adventures!


Jonel Uy – He was a late bloomer when it comes to travelling, but when he started at the age of 26. there was no stopping him and has been travelling around the Philippines and across South-East Asia for 8 years now.

Marjorie Pineda - She used to be an NCLEX Online Coach. As part of the company’s recruitment team, she was able to visit several provinces in the Philippines. With hundreds of photos and stories she wanted to share, she decided to chronicle her discoveries and life journey through blogging. She loves to try new things; a person that’s spontaneous and has a strong personality.

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