How Sago Went To Sagada

Today is Sago‘s first day in Sagada. We left Manila last night after an hour long of packing stuff. I wasn’t able to find time to buy a pair of gloves and a bonnet. They said its

Heavenly Chocolate’s Appreciation & Tasting Seminar

I have been to a wine appreciation night and a coffee talk discussion before, but this my first time for a chocolate tasting seminar. Let this experience at the Heavenly Chocolates shop be the climactic post to

Bizu Follows Your ‘Desire’ [Chocolate Cake Series 3]

Desire no more, coz you can have it right away at Bizu. Named no less than ‘Desire‘, the simple-looking Chocolate cake from Bizu can strike it home on the first bite alone.

Starbucks’ Chocolate Hazelnut Chantilly [Chocolate Series 2]

5 days to go before the ‘Hearts Day‘. And the second to be featured in our Chocolate Series is Starbucks‘ new Chocolate Hazelnut Chantilly Cake. To be released come February 17 in your favorite Starbucks branches, the

Friday’s Mocha Mud Pie [Chocolate Series 1]

Let me get this straight, there’s a reason why TGIFriday’s Mocha Mud Pie was featured first in this chocolate series. It was an unforgettable dessert. I tried it for the first time during TGIFriday’s Obama Inauguration Party

Happy Single Awareness Month: The Chocolate Series

At this so called ‘Month of Love‘ for those in the clouds, and even for those still in search and consider it the ‘Single Awareness Month‘, Sago dedicates a series of chocolate-related posts from now until February

Revisiting Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee is one of first-comer-coffee-shops in the Philippines during its industry boom which started in the late 90′s. Together with Starbucks, it was one of the brands which enjoyed immediate name recall. It seemed however,