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Mom Blogger Wins Salisbury Steak & Carbonara Writing Contest

Red Ribbon’s Creamy Carbonara Red Ribbon revealed the ‘Share Your Salisbury Steak & Carbonara’ blog writing contest exactly a week ago. This is to launch Red Ribbon‘s newest offering of two new improved meals in their menu

Cookies & Cream with Oreo Cake: the newest from Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon officially launched yesterday the Cookies and Cream with Oreo Cake as the newest addition to its family of scrumptious cakes! With the combination of cookies and cream flavor and Oreo, indeed it is a delicious

Red Ribbon’s ‘Share Your Salisbury Steak & Carbonara’ Blog Writing Contest

Ahoy! Red Ribbon is hosting a blog writing contest for the participants of the “Brighten Up Your Day with Red Ribbon” event. Read along for the mechanics, essential dates and prizes.

Brighten Up Your Day with Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon will be launching soon its newest cake that will “deliciously brighten up your day“. In a few days, you will be able to enjoy the feel-good comfort that the new Red Ribbon cake will bring

Red Ribbon’s Mango Passion Cake Now Available

Red Ribbon unveils its second “no sugar added” cake in the market – Mango Passion! With the release of it first “no sugar added“  Belgian Chocolate Bliss exactly two months ago, Mango Passion serves as an alternative

Belgian Chocolate Bliss, A ‘No Sugar Cake’? O, Come On!

Just right after all the extra pounds and calories brought about by the recent holiday season, the Belgian Chocolate Bliss comes at the right time. The Belgian Chocolate Bliss is Red Ribbon‘s ‘No Sugar Added‘ cake.

Red Ribbon Coffee Walnut Bavarian Cake Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners of the recently concluded Coffee Walnut Bavarian Cake Contest! Five winners were selected by Red Ribbon, and the authors of the winning comments are the following: * Millette * Glenn * Rowena Wendy

Red Ribbon Online Contest Ends; Results Soon

Let’s Go Sago’s latest online contest on the Coffee Walnut Bavarian Cake, co-presented with Red Ribbon, has just ended yesterday since it started December 18, 2008. Thank you to all who joined, and the 192 resulting viewers