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The Best Oktoberfest is at Sofitel Manila

To say that I’m a moderate beer drinker is an overstatement. So I wasn’t really expecting to find myself participating again in an Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Manila in Sofitel Soon!

Did you know that as early as September, ‘Oktoberfest‘ is already being celebrated in Germany due to weather considerations? In many ways, the same is true for the Philippines such that we are already prepping up as

7,107 Ways to Celebrate with San Miguel Beer in the Philippines

The Philippines is such a jubilant country there are a lot of festivals around the archipelago in any given month. From the colorful Pahiyas Festival of Quezon in Luzon down to the Hari-Raya Islamic festival in Mindanao,

“Oktoberfest Siento Bente Na!” in Taste Asia, Mall of Asia

Oktoberfest 120! San Miguel Beer and Taste Asia (Mall of Asia) sponsored a just concluded special party for bloggers Sept 26.