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Legoland Malaysia Opens First International Theme Park Today

Children’s dreams come true today as ingenious plastic toys we all know as Lego come to life in the grand opening of Legoland Malaysia in Johor NusaJaya, southwest of Malaysia. It’s the first Legoland in Asia and

Packing Light for Malaysia’s Legoland Tour

Let’s Go Sago is flying once again to Malaysia this afternoon via Cebu Pacific, this time, for the purpose of visiting the country’s latest attraction called LEGOLAND in Johor Bahru which is about 183 miles (3+ hours

Costales Nature Farms Tour: An Organic Adventure

It was almost the end of August, a National Heroes Day in the Philippines, when our group of friends went for a brief, relaxing, and I should say healthy, vacation as we went to Costales Nature Farms

Fun Shopping w/ Friends @ SM Southmall

SM Southmall is undoubtedly far from my place – Quezon City. But when friend and momblogger Ruth invited the gang (me, my fiance Marjorie, and Noks) over to SM Southmall for “The Big Sale” at the south

Traveling with Lock & Lock

The brand Lock & Lock has long been in the Philippine food market together with other quality plastic container brands. In fact, my lunch box in high school was a Lock&Lock as well.

7,107 Ways to Celebrate with San Miguel Beer in the Philippines

The Philippines is such a jubilant country there are a lot of festivals around the archipelago in any given month. From the colorful Pahiyas Festival of Quezon in Luzon down to the Hari-Raya Islamic festival in Mindanao,

Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge Taps University Students

Are you a travel-junkie and adventure-loving? Are a university/college student? Do you want to travel for free with a pocket money of P30,000? Then Cebu Pacific invites you to join the ‘Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge‘!

Travel with Your Seattle’s Best Coffee Mug Photo Contest

Traveling the world is indeed a great leisure, specially if you travel with your favorite coffee on hand. Seatlle’s Best Coffee wanted you to have just that which inspired them to send some of their loyal customers to their