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2 Anniversary Giveaways as Let’s Go Sago Turns 2!

Two years ago at this hour – 8pm of August 8, 2008 – Sago of LetsGoSago.net was born. The first post was actually a scheduled one as it was also the first day of my solo backpacking

Food Blogs now in NomNomClub.com

It has been ten months now. I just haven’t been able to formally announce it here, until now. I was looking at Sago’s Facebook Fanpage earlier and I realized that the feeds of my food blog NomNomClub.com

‘Let’s Go Sago’ Celebrates 6th Month Anniv with Bizu & Expressions

I had been a little busy lately with school, family matters, and blogger events such that it caught me unaware that today is Let’s Go Sago‘s 6th month anniversary since this blog site started August 08 of

Looking Onwards 2009

As 2008 closed and the first day of 2009 unfolds, Sago anticipates the next 12 months of the year with confidence. Although we can have some uncertainties and a shade of doubt from time to time, a

What Does the Tourism Dept, MTV, Happy Slip, & Let’s Go Sago! Have in Common?

Promotion of Philippine tourism, that is. For the year of 2009, the Department of Tourism (DoT) as headed by Sec. Joseph “Ace” Durano, intends to attract the younger generation worldwide to come and visit the Philippines.

Let’s Go Sago! Top 5 Travel Posers Contest

Presenting to you, Let’s Go Sago!’s Top 5 Travel Posers for 2007 (in alphabetical order by photo location).

Let’s Go Sago First Article Magazine Feature

Let’s Go Sago! celebrates its 4th month anniversary today with its first print (offline) magazine publication feature. This is the cover of Honda Challenge Magazine’s Issue 12 Vol.3 released last month. We were requested for the feature

Let’s Go Sago! 2007 Philippine Travel Posers

The year is almost over and my compilation of last year’s Top 20 Philippine Travel Posers using my humble point-and-shoot cam has remained in my hard drive and has not been published. My top 20 photographs around