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Lets Go Travel Club
Let's Go Travel Club

Finally! “Let’s Go Travel Club” is here! I’ve been wanting to form this online group of travel-loving group for sometime now. And it’s good to start it now before the month of October ends (10:10 = Oct 2010). 🙂

Our objective here is to form and unify a group of travel lovers over the online community. With similar passion for traveling albeit in different levels, I hope that this community will thrive and eventually be of help to one another in all sense related to traveling, especially here in the Philippines.

From travel tip sharing to virgin beach spotting, we hope the community to support each other. Of course, highlight of the group would be going out on trips together and sharing the experiences on a personal level.

Short term plans include having a community that is both interactive and participatory with each and every member being able to contribute to the group in some way or the other and in their own capacity.

The only requirement is for the member to be an email subscriber of Let’s Go Sago! You are advised to input the email you used to subscribe in the Email Subscription so I could check it against the list of email subscribers.

In the registration form below, home and work address need not be specific if you don’t want to. This is for area classification in case the activity/event is location sensitive. With red asterisk (*) is required.

So, sign up now! I’m excited for all the future activities we will share through Let’s Go Travel Club!

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  1. 12 members in less than 24 hrs of posting on a weekend and long holiday. Woot! Thanks you guys for your positive response! <3 🙂

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