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“Why Travel” Blog Winners

Finally, the results for the “Why Travel” blog writing contest is here! The scores are in and averaged together with our guest judge. The top four posts have really close scores with only .5 percentage points difference

Bauan Batangas Endorses ‘Vegeden’

The 53.31 km quiet town of Bauan in Batangas has a small population of 79,831 people with 40 barangays. Folks mainly live through agricultural, fishing, and industrial livelihoods.

“Why Travel?” Blogs

About a month ago, I asked Lets Go Sago! readers a poignant question: “Why Travel?” I made it the question of interest in the site’s second anniversary contest (part 2).

Seeing Serendra, Anticipating Meranti

Living nearby Makati, I frequent Bonifacio High Street and Serendra. However, my footprints are limited only along the premiere restaurants just outside Two Serendra going to Market Market Mall.

Visiting IslandRose Flower Farm

It was a sunny Thursday morning on the way to Makati Business District’s Hotel Intercon Manila. This was our meeting place for the shuttle van ride to IslandRose‘s flower farm in Tagaytay.

Philippines’ Top Emerging Business Destinations

Planning your next trip to the Philippines for the next summer? Then the list unveiled by the Department of Tourism, in cooperation with Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), will surely help — the Philippines’ “Top Emerging Business

September 10 Holiday for Ramadan / Eid ul Fit’r

September 10 is a non-working holiday, the Palace declares. This is to give way for the festivities for Ramadan / Eid ul Fit’r – end of the holy month of fasting by the Muslims.