Bauan Batangas Endorses ‘Vegeden’

Bauan Batangas
Bauan Batangas

The 53.31 km quiet town of Bauan in Batangas has a small population of 79,831 people with 40 barangays. Folks mainly live through agricultural, fishing, and industrial livelihoods.

The town of Bauan is known for its religious attribution and miracles. In fact, it is home to the 2.5m tall Anubing cross that is said to be miraculous and has since become a major attraction to devotees. On the other hand, Villa Dyis also known as ‘little Tondo‘ of Bauan.

Villa Dyis Little Tondo
Villa Dyis 'Little Tondo'

Famous for its paradise beaches, Bauan is also hailed by beach lovers as a “Diver’s Sanctuary”.

But just like most Philippine towns in this tropical country, Christmas brings the town together in festivities and merry-making. One their activities this year is to participate in a campaign on having the Philippines start the World’s Longest Christmas Celebration with a twist where Kraft Eden Cheese features the 100 unique cheese-based specialties of 100 towns nationwide to celebrate 100 Days of Christmas.

In this light, Bauan is participating in this activity with its special wrap and roll called Vegeden. It actually looks like a lumpia but added with cheese.

Vegeden of Bauan Batangas
Vegeden of Bauan Batangas

Check more details about Vegeden here.

Kraft Eden Cheese’s  Sarap ng Pasko: 100 Days of Christmas will give Two Million Pesos worth of prizes for the town with the most number of votes. If you think this is the best dish to have this Christmas season, then vote for Bauan, Batangas!

How to Vote For Bauan, Batangas:

1. Buy one Eden 35g, 180g or 500g pack at any supermarkets, public market stalls, groceries, convenience stores or sari sari stores nationwide.
2. Write the following information on a piece of paper attached to one (1) empty pack Eden:
a. Name of Favorite Featured Town: Bauan, Batangas
b. Name of Eden Dish for that Town: Vegeden
c. Name
d. Age
e. Complete Address
f. Contact Numbers
g. Signature

Submit entries at drop boxes within participating Towns or you can opt to mail your entries to:

Prime Cast Event Concepts Plus, Inc.
Lower Ground Level, Grayline Ventures Building,
14 Arayat St. Boni, Mandaluyong City


ABS CBN Foundation Inc.
ELJ Communications Building
Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City

Send it before deadline which is on December 2, 2010. Send as many entries as you want to help Bauan win!

Check full mechanics here.

Kraft Eden Cheese
Kraft Eden Cheese

From the 100 participating towns, 9 will be selected for the finals where the “Keso de Gallo” will be held and the dish of that town will be served to the locals after Simbang Gabi. From the chosen 9 cities, one will be picked as the major winner.

The winner will be given seed money for training materials and livelihood projects. As for the winning town’s major landmark, it will be featured in limited edition of Kraft Eden Cheese boxes.

Vote for Bauan Batangas’ Vegeden cheese-Inspired Christmas recipe!

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