“It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” is DOT’s New Philippine Tourism Campaign

Its More Fun In PH

It's More Fun In PH

New year, new campaign! Six days into 2012, the Department of Tourism (DOT) unveiled yesterday the new  Philippine tourism slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” as developed by BBDO Guerrero | Proximity Philippines with an aim to promote the country’s tourism.

Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr., hinted the other day in his twitter account @MonJQuotes that “the new tourism line will be more competitive than just an adjective. It is going to be an expression, drawn from natural conversation.

He further shared that “the new tourism line is not a manufactured line; it’s drawn from the way Filipinos have touched the lives of tourists.

Not too long ago, “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” can be remembered as the slogan that went through a lot of issues and challenges, to say the least, which was eventually pulled out.

Its More Fun in the Philippines

It's More Fun in the Philippines


What do you think of the new slogan and its shorter version “#1ForFun”? Is it really more fun in the Philippines?  Netizens had mix reactions if you were able to observe yesterday’s Twitter-sphere and Facebook comments.



From being too long a slogan and ordinary,  to being a copycat of a magazine ad 60 years ago on Switzerland’s tourism.

Nonetheless, generally, the response of the Filipino in social media-scape was positive and supportive. Even local brands such as Magnolia Ice Cream got to discuss the matter with their loyal customers. It signifies the important role of the private sector as well.

Brands / Private Company Online Discussion

Brands / Private Company Online Discussion

Bloggers and online entities were also abuzz.

Online Communities Discuss

Online Communities Discuss

As expected, people would naturally tend to compare “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” with the highly successful “WOW Philippines” from years ago, Definitely, different people would have different opinions on this as much as 52% of your office mates do not like the pastel blue color of your blouse today, in contrast to the 37% who like it, while 11% just don’t care.

Despite all these, are you ready to support and #HelpDOT in this endeavor?

Blogger Reactions and Discussions

Blogger Reactions and Discussions

Personal Take

With the same criteria in choosing blog names and URLs, we always prefer it to be shorter and catchy for obvious purposes. But “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” is not bad at all, it was good. As secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr., mentioned, they want it to be a conversational phrase.

However, being just “good” can also be a problem to a nation who would like to expect more from their government agencies. In fact, some of Ben Kritz critiques and arguments in his blog do have valid points and basis.

But I have resolved to myself to accept and support the new tourism slogan, nonetheless, and focus more on making the statement more true, that it is indeed “more fun in the Philippines!

I do expect that this same slogan will be used against Philippine tourism in a satirical way not too long from now (if not yet), specially when someone gets a bad experience with their visit in the Philippines. But more positive voices do have the power to drown the negative ones.

I hope “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” or the shorter and local version “1ForFUN” will be able to help in pumping up the Philippines’ 3 million international tourist visitors last year and inch closer to Thailand’s 15 million.

I am interested in DOT’s follow-up programs on how they will highlight this “More Fun in the Philippines.”

Check out DOT’s new website for this campaign: http://www.itsmorefuninthephilippines.com/

Infrastructure and Tourism Policies Needed

With the slogan in place and support of the people, I hope Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. and responsible local government officials can also give attention to our tourism infrastructure and policies. Because a haphazard and short-sighted sewerage system and ningas-cogon garbage disposal system in our islands and beaches is never “fun.”

Its More Fun in the Philippines

It's More Fun in the Philippines

Moving Forward

So the next time my foreigner friends from Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia asks me why they should go the Philippines, I’d reply back “because it’s More Fun in the Philippines!“  :) Oh, by the way, Happy New Year too! This is LetsGoSago.net‘s first article for the year 2012! :)

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