11 thoughts on “DOT’s Pilipinas Kay Ganda: from Unveiling to being Pulled-Out

  1. I really think that the new slogan is no better than the former. It’s not even catchy. It does not put a smile in someone’s face when you say it. The logo used is even controversial. DOT should really go back to square one and redo things. Thanks.

  2. I watched the WOW Philippines (more than usual) commercials right before reading this entry. The WOW factor is still there after 8 years. I even remember doing a high school project based on it because I was that amazed with the commercials. “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” however is just… blah. Maybe they should just relaunch the WOW Philippines campaign.

  3. On the other hand, Wow Philippines may have been successful, but I doubt it will hold the campaign longer. A change will be good for tourism. Sana nga lang, hindi nila binigla yung pagbabago. It should’ve been a longer decisive process. Dapat a few years back, nagiisip na sila ng kapalit.

  4. Wow Philippines is an effective slogan and will continue to do so. What will make a tourism program successful is not the logo or the slogan, but the programs that go with it.

    However, the slogan must be catchy and must get the interest of the target market.

    “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” is definitely amateurish, and does not take into consideration the ignorance of foreigners (the major targets of the program) to Tagalog.

    Malaysia, India, and Thailand promote themselves via National Geographic and Discovery channels. They have advertisements in Time and Newsweek magazines.

    I personally believe that this program of DOT has something to do with the change in administration. This administration abhors almost everything about Gloria’s time. How childish and unprofessional! And it is costly!

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