DoT Launches Awesome Philippines!

Awesome Philippines!
Awesome Philippines!

The Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DoT), together with MTV launches! It aims to promote Philippine tourism among other countries such as Australia, Singapore, Koraceea, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, and HongKong, among others, mentioned Sec. Joseph “Ace” Durano.

Check the site here!

Awesome Philippines Remix Contest
Awesome Philippines Remix Contest

It features an online contest called Remix-a-Holiday where one could submit a video.

Have you imagined yourself basking in the sun surrounded by fine white sand? Or posing for some jump shots with a friend in your favorite Philippine tourist spot? If you’re residing outside the Philippines and can put together a photo show, clips, or video by remixing Philippine photos and clips available in this website, then this contest is for you!. Win a trip for two (2) for your dream holiday in the Philippines!

Sec. Ace Durano w/ Sago
Sec. Ace Durano w/ Sago

No need to worry because you can use the built-in MTV Remixer video-creation-tool in the website.

Submitted videos will be rated via online votes. 11 winning videos will be selected by MTV Asia and the Philippine Department of Tourism. Contest runs from February 27 to May 24, 2009. Submitted videos to Awesome Philippines will become the property of the Philippine Department of Tourism.

11 thoughts on “DoT Launches Awesome Philippines!

  1. it’s an exciting project. i say kudos to the people behind this project.

    nice meeting you there. by the way i already answered your survey. im looking forward to the result.

  2. sayang, i never met the deadline. i thought we could use our own photos for the contest, pero okay lang. gumawa na lang ako ng sarili kong “the best of : biyaheng pinoy (2006-2009)” video. haha. it was a pleasure meeting you.

    ps. joke lang yung sinabi kong marumi si sago ha. 🙂

  3. i am very sorry for using ur website to air my concern about my recent visit to puerto galera white beach resort,hoping that this will reach sec. ace durano’s attention, the wow philippines website seems no longer active so i just thought of using ur website.
    i hope and i believe that sec ace will do something about the cleanliness of the surrounding environment of the beach resort. actually, it was our family’s 2nd time to visit the place, first was summer of 2007,we had a great time then so we decided to pack our things and go there again. but we were very disappointed this time because the beach is no longer clean and shimmering but has lots of filth. i did not even enjoy the water this time because i almost even swallowed a cigarette butt while swimming. lots of plastic and styro cups and sitsiria wrappers are everywhere. to think that local and foreign tourists are now being charged of fifty pesos each for the environment user’s fund. now, where again does this fund go?
    seems like nobody’s in charge with the cleanliness around the beach area and even the surrounding alleys, lots of “basurang nakabalot sa plastic” are hanging out on the fences and truly makalat at malangaw.
    i hope to hear someday even from other people’s mouth (for we no longer have plans of going back in the nearest future)that white beach is back again to its pristine, clean water.
    sec. ace, i have a very high respect to you for being low profile but definitely an action man. we are counting on you.
    more power.

  4. I visited the Awesome Philippines site and it is better than the previous campaign! Galing! My must-visit places in the Philippines is growing longer by the hour. 😉

    Any news on the next contest?

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