Less Waste, More Love at Starbucks on Earth Day

Starbucks Earth Day P40 Off
Starbucks' Earth Day P40 Off

Mr. You is doubtful about the rumored P40 ($0.86) discount at Starbucks on Earth Day tomorrow. So he sought the advice of a food blogger named Sago.

You: P40 off? Yeah right?! Oh come’on.
Sago: It’s true! Bring any of your reusable tumblers at Starbucks on Earth Day and get P40 off your favorite frap or any drink, no questions asked!

Starbucks, Earth Day & Sago
Starbucks, Earth Day & Sago

You: And when is that exactly?
Sago: Actually, Earth Day is April 22, but Starbucks is extending it by one day until April 23. The campaign officially starts 5am of April 22 and ends 11:59pm of April 23.

You: And how can one plastic cup have a significant impact on the environment?
Sago: It’s your chance to give your share for Earth’s sake and use one tumbler in place of a disposable cup. It may seem small, but with millions of consumers, that’s a big reduction of paper and plastic consumption.

Starbucks Clean & Green Recyclable Tumblers
Green Recyclable Tumblers

You: But I don’t have a Starbucks tumbler! How chauvinistic!
Sago: Hello!?! You don’t have to use a Starbucks tumbler to get the discount! You could bring ANY of your recyclable tumblers – labeled, generic, or otherwise – and still get the P40 off!

Starbucks loves you despite your tumbler! 🙂

You: Wow, but is that available for all Starbucks stores in the Philippines?
Sago: Yes! You could avail of this promo from any Starbucks coffee shop nationwide!

You: What are those green tumblers you’re clinging on?
Sago: It’s Starbucks’ new 16oz Green Recycled Tumbler with the “Reduce“, “Reuse“, and “Recycle” marks. It’s made with 81% total recycled content, and 28% post-consumer recycled content. The inner body is made from Recycled Polypropylene – also known as the 100% recycled plastic. Check it out here.

Starbucks Clean & Green Recyclable Tumblers with Sago
Starbucks Clean & Green Recyclable Tumblers with Sago
Starbucks Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino
Starbucks' Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino

You: EwwwI’m placing my favorite drink in recycled plastic?
Sago: Hello again! Of course it’s safe, especially the lid, which according to Zarah Perez of Starbucks Global Responsibility, have passed according to FDA standards. Drinking from it feels like you’re helping the earth with every sip. LOLS 🙂 It’s non-microwavable, by the way.

You: I have a confession, I don’t have a tumbler but I do have a ceramic mug. Can I use that instead?
Sago: Yes. Don’t you dare bring a disposable plastic cup like the one used for street ‘taho’. The campaign says ‘reusable.’

Anyway, what’s better than a cool tumbler or mug? – a cool frap to match it!

Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino
Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino

You: Yeah, what frappuccino is that you were feasting on in the photos?
Sago: It’s one of Starbucks newest beverage: the Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino. I recommend it for the strong chocolate flavor (er…that’s why it’s dark) and chocolate bits. It was a good break from the usually sweet frappuccinos we have. The generous berry syrup handled the sweet balance .

I have to say that using the tumbler (my own personal CSA tumbler) helped in maintaining the temperature of the beverage and in effect, the consistency of the drink. It did not become watery upto the final sip since the ice blend did not melt as fast.

Starbucks Earth Day Photo Boards
Starbucks Earth Day Photo Boards

You: You’ve got really nice pictures in this blog 🙂 , I thought taking pictures is prohibited inside Starbucks coffee shops?
Sago: You are right in that aspect, but for this occasion, Starbucks is providing a photo backdrop near the entrance exclusively for 6 of their local stores namely: the 6750, Metrowalk, RCBC Plaza, ABS-CBN, Robinson’s Place Manila, and Bonifacio High Street branches.

Green Recyclable Tumblers
Green Recyclable Tumblers

You: Ok, here’s my last thought on this matter. Is this only a sort-of promotion for Earth Day? What about any long-term plans for this save-the-mother-earth advocacy?
Sago: Good point. After April 22 & 23, you could still bring your own tumblers to any Starbucks coffeeshop and still get a P5 off from your purchase. Hey, it’s still a business.

You: Ok, this is the very, very last and most important of all my questions! If I bring a reusable plate, like say, my favorite personal non-Starbucks plate, do I get P40 off on my cake and pastry orders as well?
Sago: I guess that question is my sign that I should stop answering your questions. 🙂

Ok. ok, I will answer your question on one condition. Do you see the email subscription box below this article? You should first subscribe to my blog, deal? Go home, do that on your PC or laptop using your Sun broadband internet connection and send me a message on plurk or something. You may watch this video as well:

And since you’re at it, answer my Summer Travel Survey as well before you hit your favorite Starbucks coffee shop on April 22 and 23.

Starbucks One Cup Matters
Starbucks' One Cup Matters

See you on Earth Day at Starbucks Greenbelt!  It’s the one nearest to me. Bring your reusable tumblers and ceramic mugs for the P40 discount. Make that one cup matter.

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