Sago’s Philippine Summer Travel Survey Philippine Summer Survey Philippine Summer Survey

Hi guys! As promised 3 days ago, Sago is conducting this Summer Travel Survey in the Philippine setting for Philippine-based Filipino bloggers.

Kindly spare some 5 minutes of your time to completely answer this survey and make Sago very happy. 🙂

This is Sago’s first time to do a survey so the criteria is somehow limited as of now. We are not yet including Filipinos not currently residing in the Philippines. If you have participated in the offline survey two weeks ago, kindly answer this again since the last two questions were changed.

This is being conducted starting today and will run for three weeks up to April 25, 2009. The results will be tallied and shall be published at the last week of this month as well.

Take This Survey

Confidentiality of your personal information shall be kept private. Again, thank you for participating.

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