Be Cool This Summer!

Be Cool This Summer
Be Cool This Summer

It’s getting hotter by the day and Sago celebrates this first day of April to mark the start of the summer season!

This means more travels and more dining adventures in different places around the Philippines. Please enjoin Sago for the whole month starting today as we strive to have fresh travel and food postings everyday for the next 30 days! For starters, catch Sago‘s adventures on Sagada (April 5-7), Mt. Pinatubo (April 12), and Anawangin (April18-19).

In the Philippines, summer means vacation! Summer means staying cool despite the intense heat, and summer means striking the beaches of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands!

Summer means Vacation
Summer means 'Vacation'

Summer Means Vacation

More true to students who have their time off school, this is the season of the year when students go out of town with their families or their ‘barkadas’ (friends). It’s also the time when they go back or visit their provincial hometown away from the city. It is where they also take time to be with their far-away relatives and simply enjoy the fresh-air and green landscapes of the unpolluted provincial atmosphere.

Others resort to Summer Outing
Others resort to 'Summer Outing'

Staying Cool During Summer

With day-time city temperature rising to as much as 37 degrees during really hot days, people tend to spend their weekends in the cooler places of the country. And the top-of-mind destination is Baguio. It is located in the northern part of the Philippines and situated up in the mountains. The summer’s capital is about 6-8 hours from the country’s metro.

Another popular choice for a summer get-away would be Tagaytay in Batangas. This is the nearer choice being only 1-2 hours away from Metro Manila.

The Beach Rule in Philippines Summers
The Beach Rule in Philippines Summers

Summer Means The Beach

The Philippines is known for the best beaches in the world. It got hundreds of great beaches with fine white sand scattered all over the archipelago. It would be safe to say that Boracay is the most well known, internationally.

But being a local, we know better that our choices include about 50 more other beaches that can rival the fine white sands of Boracay. Including in this list are the countless beaches of the Coron Islands in Palawan, Camiguin, Cebu, Pagudpod, Bohol, Batangas, and Bicol, among others.

Philippine Summer Destinations
Philippine Summer Destinations

The Survey

In light of summer travel, Sago would like to invite you to take part in a’s Philippine Travel Survey. Your personal information would be kept confidential while the survey answers would be tallied for the next three weeks. The results will be published at the latter part of the month.

The SURVEY will be published on this site on April 4, 2009 is now accessible . Click here to answer.

Cool Summer Contests
Cool Summer Contests

The Cool Summer Contest

Celebrations will not be festive without contests. And in high tradition of, we’ll be having another online contest, of course, related to summer. It would be similarly titled as “Be Cool This Summer,” where contest participants can join by creating blog entries indicating their creative ideas of how to “Be Cool This Summer.” Details and mechanics of the contest will be published on Sago Day (April 8, 2009). 🙂

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