Sago’s “Be Cool This Summer” Campaign, a Review


It’s April 20 and it’s two-thirds midway‘s “Be Cool This Summer” campaign for the whole month of April which consists of a travel survey, a contest, and a self-imposed daily blog post for the whole of April.

This is Sago‘s first official summer campaign so it’s pretty much experimental. This post is a self-evaluation of this campaign a little past midway through. Philippine Summer Survey Philippine Summer Survey

The Summer Travel Survey

This survey begun last April 4, a few days after the campaign was launched. As of today, there are already 43 bloggers who answered the survey. My conservative target was initially 50, but I guess this is within reach in a day or two. I am tempted to reach for a 100 mark, but seems to be a great feat with only 9 days remaining.

On the other hand, I’m hesitant to settle for any number in between 50 and 100 because it looks uneven. 🙂 I guess this calls for a leveling-up and tapping some of my fellow blogger’s friendly influence and see where this leads us in the coming days.

By the way, have you answered the survey? 🙂

The (30) Daily Blogs

Now, this is something I would promise not to do again for a very long time. As many bloggers would agree, coming up with a quality blog every day for one month is no easy task. (Not to mention posting on my Digital Manila blog)

Thank goodness, so far, I have not failed at this commitment. The fact that it’s summer vacation (no students, no classes), did help. But I am surely looking forward to the month of May when I can go back to my once-every-three-days blog post, at the least.

Be Cool This Summer Contest
Be Cool This Summer Contest

The “Be Cool This Summer” Photo and Blog contest

It was quite heart-warming getting a positive response to this contest despite my intentional lack of promotion. Aside from the experimental aspect, I intentionally did not promote this as much to avoid overlapping promotion with the travel survey. Secondly, I know I still have May 1 to 7 where I could profusely promote this contest before it ends on May’s Sago Day.

And so…

Generally so far, the whole campaign could be considered fairly successful with almost 50 bloggers surveyed in the Summer Travel Survey and a number of “Be Cool This Summer” contest entries despite minimal promotion.

It was the survey which I am hammering in the blogosphere community; even having a prime spot on my right side bar to encourage my blogger readers to participate. 🙂

Another interesting aspect of the Summer Travel Survey is that it is completely voluntary and without any accolade. In a way, this is also an experiment on the appeal and potential of an online campaign without any promised reward. In contrast, the aforementioned contest was not promoted but promises some foreseen benefit.

All these will be given final analysis on the last day of April when the results of the Summer Travel Survey would be revealed and the “Be Cool This Summer” campaign concluded.

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