Seeing Cebu: A Travelogue Series

Sago in Cebu: Magellans Cross

Sago in Cebu: Magellan's Cross

I and Sago just came back a few hours ago from a 30-minute delayed flight from Cebu.

Although my first statement wasn’t too enthusiastic for a travel weblog, the 5-day Cebu experience was actually awesome; and skin-darkening too! It was our first time to visit the main city and it’s neighboring islands.

Together with this first, I would like to introduce to you Let’s Go Sago’s first Travelogue Series: “Seeing Cebu.” This travelogue will share the highlights of Sago’s 5-day adventures from Cebu in the five Saturdays of November 2008. Each post will enunciate the places Sago visited and adventures he encountered, the landmarks he looked in and the island hopping escapades. And of course, the venturesome food affairs he had in every meal would not be missed.

If you are stuck at home and nowhere to go to this upcoming holiday on the first day of November, fret no more and watch out for the first post in a series of five, all Saturdays of November and see Cebu from Sago’s eyes. =)

Seeing Cebu Travelogue Series:

Part I – Historical City of the South – Nov1

Part II – Reaching Bantayan Island – Nov 8

Part III – Cebu On A Plate – Nov 15

Part IV – Malaspascua, Cebu’s Boracay – Nov 22

Part V – ‘Adtonako’ Cebu – Nov 29

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