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“Adto Nako” Cebu (Seeing Cebu Travelogue Series Finale)

After touring Cebu City, Bantayan and Malapascua Islands from Day 1 to 4, “Adto nako Cebu” (I am leaving Cebu). Our feet were heavy as we woke up on the last morning of our adventure, not because

Spott3d: Vigan Heritage House, Calle Crisologo, Vigan

The Heritage Village of quiet Vigan was institutionalized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage List November of 1999. It was valued for preserved architectural and landscape design which embodied a unique fusion of Asian design and

Delifrance’s ‘My Secret Santa’ Christmas Treat!

Christmas season is really in the air! With exactly 1 month before Christmas, Delifrance is sharing with us the opportunity to give our friends and love ones a treat for free. Check out and be part

Malapascua Island, Cebu’s Boracay (Cebu Travelogue Series 4)

From Bantayan Island and still in the Visayan Sea, it only took us a little less than an hour to reach nearby Malapascua Island via a small boat. The waters were just as clear as that of

Asian Business Expo 2008 & Effective Blogging Talk

The Asian Business Expo 2008 will be held on Nov 28-30 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines. It is touted to be a premiere gathering of business opportunities in Asia on franchising, technology,

SEAIR 15% Discount Promo to Let’s Go Sago! Readers

Yes, just for you dear readers, South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR ) website is giving away a 15% discount via the promotion code “jgsc53aa” for Let’s Go Sago! readers.

Cebu On A Plate
(Seeing Cebu Travelogue Series 3)

One of the activities Sago and this food blogger won’t miss in this trip to Cebu is the food adventure. I’ve always preferred to eat the local dishes of the place I visit and shun away from

Burger King’s New Mocha BK Joe

Ok, its not so new anymore as I first saw this late last month. Things piled up and I only got to blog about it now. Anyway, here it goes. I’d like to share with you guys