Adieu 2008

As the last sunset rests today, let me reminisce on the blogging days the sun stood witness in the past year.

2008 has been a good year. It served as a spectator to a lot of blog-related milestones.

As The Sun Sets (Manila Bay, Philippines)
As The Sun Sets (Manila Bay, Philippines)

Although I have been blogging since 2007, it was only this year when I was able to regularly update my (old) travel blog. Early this year, I also attempted to explore another blogging niche with a food blog. Both were on free blog hosting accounts then. And after further realizing the potential of blogs and what I can do to contribute, I took it a notch higher by acquiring a personal domain and web hosting account. This was the birth of Let’s Go Sago! about 5 months ago. The combination of a travel and food blog emerged, and Sago – the site’s online mascot character, came to be.


I will not forget the 5-article Travelogue Series I did on Cebu, my Bantayan Island adventure and the sentimental Coron post. Albeit just a simple meet up, I learned a lot from the Pinoy Backpacking stint and the Happy Slip and MTV affair.

Not to be left behind were my dining encounters with Super Bowl of China, Beef Noodle King, and the dining in Cebu journal. More yummy undertakings were with Forrest Gump and Red Ribbon.

Blogger events like the Philippine Blog Awards, WordPress’ Word Camp Philippines were awesome. Lastly, being featured in a magazine, nationwide TV, and asked to be a seminar speaker were no less than surprising.

Gratitude to My Fellow Bloggers

Not to be missed are my blogger friends and plurkmates that’s too many to mention here. But if you’re one of them and happen to be reading this, leave a comment that you want some link lovin’ in this page. =) I would like to thank all of you for your support and understanding particularly to Ms. Janette Toral who is one of Pinoy blogosphere’s authority figure. She just released her Blogging From Home book and is currently working on her next book project – Internet User’s Guide to E-Commerce Policies.

Since then, I learned much more about blogging and its different aspects. From being a social tool for advancing advocacies to as simple as articulating one’s passion through written words, blogs can now be considered a rising force in both online and offline landscape

Manila  Bay Sunset Love
Manila Bay Sunset Love

I look forward to the next year with an optimistic lens as I travel further to different Philippine destinations and share my adventures. I anticipate as well a better year as I savor the flavor and aroma of good food finds and impart those undertaking with you. Of course, all this is not to be done without Sago.

Adieu 2008, welcome 2009.

*From an old French term a dieu, meaning I commend (you) to God : a, to (from the Latin ad) + Dieu, God (from the Latin deus),

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