‘Let’s Go Sago’ First TV Exposure

Lets Go Sago First TV Exposure
'Let's Go Sago' First TV Exposure

After having been featured a month ago in print magazine, we’re now on nationwide television with the country’s biggest network, albeit only for about a minute.

The marketing arm of Delifrance was looking for a real life case-study feature for their My Secret Santa online Christmas Kris Kringle campaign which begun in November (which I also created an entry about).

I got involved when Bong referred me to the Geiser Maclang marketing communications company for the task. Together with friends Azrael and fellow food blogger Fran, we formed the cast to showcase the story as to how we got involved in this Kris Kringle. Azrael was the one who sent me the mysecretsanta08.com invite. Fran also received one. We re-enacted going to a Delifrance shop and claiming our free gifts which turned out to be Delifrance goodies Almond Star Cookies and Chocolate Chip Biscotti. Moreover, Az was interviewed as to how he came about this online campaign and how it eventually propagated over the internet.

It was an afternoon of fun shoot with interviewer-reporter Ms. Apples Jalandoni, the ABS-CBN crew, and Delifrance product management officers Dona and Diana Tan.

As a side note, I purposely involved Sago in many of the scenes, but was eventually edited-out based on what was shown on national television; but that’s ok. Here is a recorded version, care of Az, as to how it was aired at TV Patrol about 11pm last December 13, 2008.

Credit to Az for this video and some photos as marked. Blogs similar to this article can be found here, and here.

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