Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian Unveiled

Red Ribbons Coffee Walnut Bavarian
Red Ribbon's Coffee Walnut Bavarian

If the recent Red Ribbon Smore’s Cake catered to the sweet tooth in you, this one is for the sophisticated taste buds. The holidays just got tastier as Red Ribbon unveils its first ever premium selection cake – the Coffee Walnut Bavarian.

As the name suggest, it was a symphony of soft Bavarian cream, coffee and crunchy walnuts in between soft chiffon layers. Interestingly, it was infused with Kahlua liqueur which gave it an extraordinary twist. And finally surrounded with chocolate wedges, topped with whole walnuts, and sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon

Personally, it got one of the top spots in my favorite cake list primarily for its moderate sweetness. It tastes just right and the dieter in you won’t feel as guilty.

It is also the first in the line of Premium Selection Cakes to be revealed by Red Ribbon. It comes in one size and neither is it sold in slices. Even at Php725 ($15), it’s worth it with the 3 layers of bavarian cream, soft chiffon, generous walnut bits, and more.

Try one now, or call 8-7777 as this premium selection cake is only available until December 31, 2008. But who knows, good things may last longer…hopefully so.

Sago and Red Ribbon Cake
Sago and Red Ribbon Cake

* It was recently launched to the online media. More photos here.

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