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Smores Chocolate Cake
Smores Chocolate Cake

A small group of bloggers were invited last Friday by Red Ribbon to their main office in Libis. This was part of their promotional campaign for the newly launched Smores Chocolate Cake.

We kindly obliged and was treated to a good Red Ribbon meal. And of course, the accompanying dessert were unlimited cake slices of the Smores Chocolate Cake. It was followed by a preview of the product’s TV commercial that was just shown on national television last Sunday.

The Verdict

Smores Chocolate Slice
Smores Chocolate Slice

It came with the usual chocolate chiffon, but with a twist. It was different in a way that it had 2 layers of soft marshmallows and graham in the center. It gave reference to the traditional “S’mores” popularized in western countries that comes with melted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers, only the other way around this time.

As much as I welcomed the uniqueness of the marshmallows, I have to say that I hoped the chocolate chiffon could have been more moist. I’m just glad that the caramel and soft chocolate on top was luscious enough to make me forget at that moment. =) Try it!

The Title

“S’mores” means “something more” or “some more”. The title for this post attributes as well to my old food blog Something Sweet & More. It’s a creative one-liner catch phrase for the Smores Chocolate Cake, don’t you think? =)

The Video

If you missed the launch of their TVC last Sunday, here it is:

4 thoughts on “Something Sweet & S’More

  1. sounds so yummy!!! on the way to work everyday naririnig ko sa rx ang promo nila for this s’mores cake. i’ve been wanting to try it!!!

    on another note, ang sarap mo naman…may bago ka nanamang blogger event! at nakita ko pala si sago sa multiply ni ed hehe!

  2. @Az, it did refer to my old food blog. =)
    @Ria – haha, part of their campaign(radio)…hopefully they were not much affected by the China Milk Scare

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