Recent Blog Conference at SMX Asian Business Expo 2008

I would like to share my experience, not only as a speaker but as an audience as well, in the recently concluded blog conference at the Asian Business Expo held in SMX Convention Center over the weekend of November 29, 2008.

I would like to express my gratitude to the attendees, the organizers and to my fellow speakers. Thanks to Azrael for his wonderful introduction about blogging which established the foundation for the succeeding talks.

The next topic was about Elements of An Effective Blog which was a collaboration by myself and Ed Arevalo. My talk dealt with a specific element – the Blogger. I shared with the audience the basic characteristics necessary for a new blogger or someone who wants to start one. I’m glad that I was able to deliver it well enough and did not have my toungue in my throat. Here is rundown of the blogger traits one should have. He/She should be:

  • Passionate
  • A Continous Learner
  • A Good Communicator
  • Consistent
  • Responsible

I have to stand corrected though when I mentioned that libelous statements online are covered by the current Philippine E-commerce law as pointed out by Mr. Bob Reyes in my previous post.

Ed discussed the other elements of an effective blog. His Powerpoint presentation was awesome. He credits it to his presentation book and office training; but I say its the presenter. =)

It was followed by Juned Sunido‘s Best Practices for Blogs. It was great to hear the insights that he shared in the talk.

Gerry Alanguilan focused on his specific expertise and experiences in Video Blogging by narrating how he started his craft and showing some of the videos he made. His talk was full of funny anecdotes which was a good break form all the serious blogging jargons. He even created an actual video of himself and the seminar on the spot involving the crowd. He promised to upload the recorded video the same night when he goes home. My research tonight led me to this video. =)

And the last but most waited among the speakers was Fitz Villafuerte who talked about Making Money Through Your Blog. I myself was an eager audience on this talk hoping to learn some tips and tricks in the trade. I was not disappointed. His discussion was comprehensive and the information he shared were certainly not something you could just get anywhere.

The blog conference was generally fine. I just hoped that the talks were scheduled on the afternoon session for maximum audience attendance. The topics were very informative and useful, more listeners could have benefitted from them were it scheduled earlier. But all is well that ends well. Thanks to Azrael who invited us to share our knowledge with others through this blog conference.

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