Looking Onwards 2009

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

As 2008 closed and the first day of 2009 unfolds, Sago anticipates the next 12 months of the year with confidence. Although we can have some uncertainties and a shade of doubt from time to time, a reasonable amount of optimism shall be employed.

And as part of the new year culture, here is Sago’s New Year Blogging Resolution List: =)

I resolve to:

  1. Start new blogs in other niche
  2. Start researching on Search Engine Optimization
  3. Learn Search Engine Marketing
  4. Comprehend Google Analytics
  5. Immediately post what I need to and not drag it for days

. . . while specifc for Lets Go Sago! blog . . .

I resolve to:

  1. Come up with a special travel adventure-event on Lets Go Sago!‘s 1st year anniversary for my subscribers and readers eight months and seven days from now.
  2. Have more travel and food posts
  3. Respond to comments on my blog more often
  4. Customize the random-changing pictures on the upper right hand side of my blog theme with that of my own.
  5. Improve the header and come up with (or outsource) an emblem-logo for this site
  6. Come up with a better header title (design wise), and a more catchy tag-line
  7. Get the Anime illustration of Sago from CMAotaku as he promised
  8. Continue my self-imposed at-least-once-every-three-days blog entry
  9. Download and install ‘Featured Post‘ and ‘Related Post‘ plug-ins
  10. Get more BlingbLINKS (Link Lovin’)

There you go, let’s revisit this entry and check against both lists after 365 days. =)

Welcome to the blogging year of 2009!

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