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Music Picks              blog.edarevalo.net
Azrael's Merryland       azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com
An Apple A Day           aileenapolo.blogspot.com
Life On A Pencil         lifeonapencil.blogspot.com
Manila Foodistas         manilafoodistas.blogspot.com
Filipino Voices          filipinovoices.com
Missing Carlo            missingcarlo.filblogs.com
Mar Roxas for President  marroxas2010.blogspot.com
You Got Tech             yougottech.com
Fritzified               fritzified.com
CMAQuest                 cmaquest.blogspot.com
Bloggers Da Who          sinosila.blogspot.com
Manila Freelancer        melovillareal.com
Adaphobic                adaphobic.com
Tonyo Cruz               tonyocruz.com
Gabriel Diaz             youngmaze.com
Pinoy Bloggero           pinoyblogero.com
Style and Relax          styleandrelax.blogspot.com
The Singing Blogger      singingblogger.com
Chinese Na Makulit       chinesenamakulit.blogspot.com
Cher Cabula's Mindbox    chercabulasmindbox.com
Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0    kelvinonian.com
Weekly PSP Wallpapers    weeklypspwallpapers.blogspot.com
inghinyero.com           inghinyero.com
kathangisip travelogue   kathangisip.com

. . . more to come . . .

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