Packing for Baguio

Baguio Luggage

Baguio Luggage

This was quite sudden. I will be spending my Friday and weekend in Baguio. It’s good that my upcoming weekend is not busy when I knew about this a few days ago. I had to sacrifice though a special dinner with the chefs of ‘Pinoy Eats World‘ group whom I could be having dinner with later tonight.

Ideally, this should have come sooner as well for Panagbenga.

Anyhow, it’s all fine since it has been a few years since I climbed up to Baguio, or northern Philippines for that matter. I wonder how much have changed. My 2010 summer was spent mostly in the Visayas. Could this be foretelling of the near future? :)

Penshoppe SM Megamall

Penshoppe SM Megamall

In a hurry, I did some grocery earlier at SM Megamall and had a meeting with some blogger friends in the afternoon. After which, we raided some stuff from Penshoppe just beside Almon Marina where we had a snack.

It was good that I was able to find some handy kikay vanity travel kit from Penshoppe ideal for this impromptu trip to Baguio. It consisted of a hair wax, body spray, shower gel and a pouch bag. I think it’s so handy I got three to share two sets with my blog readers. Thinking that the ladies might revolt into an uprising, I got another three for the ladies. In summary, five sets of these Penshoppe vanity travel kits are up for grabs for you! Check my lifestyle blog for the mechanics. Consider this my advanced ‘pasalubong‘ back from Baguio. :)

Penshoppe Vanity Travel Kits (Men & Women)

Penshoppe Vanity Travel Kits (Men & Women)

Caps / Bonnets

Caps / Bonnets

I am unearthing my ‘winter‘ clothing as of this writing – jacket, bonnet, and stuff – as I have low tolerance for cold weather. I found a stylish bonnet at Penshoppe as well earlier, but I decided to reserve that shopping spree for next month, perhaps.

I’m packing light. It’s a just a little over two days as I have to go back to school by Monday, it’s finals week for my students.

Other must-brings to Baguio:

  • Sweater / Jackets / Bonnets
  • Cameras with Tripod for photographers
  • Travel Pillow for the 6-hour bus trip from Manila to Baguio
  • Sago in the Travel Kit :)

    Sago in the Travel Kit :)

  • Usual medicines, moisturizer (for cold weather and chap lips), and mosquito repellent
  • Patience for Baguio city traffic

Amidst this eccentrically cool climate in Metro Manila during a month where we should be sweating crazy in hot weather, I find myself wanting to believe it’s summer.

It is summer, I guess.

And what better way to begin that but in the Philippine’s Summer CapitalBaguio!

Lets Go Sago to Baguio!

Let's Go Sago to Baguio!

For those in Baguio, or who have recently visited, do you have any recommendations of new sites in Baguio for me and Sago to check out? Feel free to leave your comment-suggestions below. :)

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