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Philippine Holidays 2013

The upcoming Holy Week is one of the most popular 2013 holidays in the Philippines due to its length, aside from the fact that the Philippines is dominantly Catholic. Moreover, even non-religious citizens anticipate it for the

Long Weekend Ahead w/ August 29, 30 Holidays

The Philippines, which has long been thirsty for a long weekend since the new administration whose stance is not keen on moving Philippine holidays 2011, is getting a 4-day long weekend this August 29 & 30.

Why I Don’t Travel During Holy Week

The Holy Week is a religious holiday in the Philippines that includes traditional spiritual practices and a long break from work. Most urban settlers take this opportunity to go to far places and provinces while going on

Philippine Holidays 2011

The Philippine Holidays 2011 was finally announced by the government through Proclamation 84 acknowledging the declared list of Philippines’ 2011 Holidays.

Philippine Christmas Holidays – December 2010

The Philippine 2010 Holidays, more specifically the December Christmas Holidays, were recently updated by the new administration. It lists December 24, 25, 27, & 31 as Philippine holidays.

Happy Holidays from Let’s Go Sago!

Merry Christmas to all! May this season be filled will good cheers and great memories as we celebrate the holidays with our family and friends. May we not forget the true meaning of this season which is the