Cebu Pacific Introduces Travel Fund; Allows Passenger Name Change

Cebu Pacific Travel Fund
Cebu Pacific Travel Fund

Last December 1, 2009, Cebu Pacific introduced the Travel Fund. Guests whose flights will be rebooked or canceled will have a corresponding Travel Fund.

It could be considered like a “virtual wallet” where would-be passengers can store the value of their unused tickets for later use within a prescribed validity period.

…Providing no-frills airline services also means giving our customers increased flexibility without the fuss and this is what the Travel Fund provides,” proclaims Candice Iyog, CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution.

The new options available to travelers through the Travel Fund include the following:

  1. If you choose to rebook/cancel your flight, the value of your unused ticket can be stored in a Travel Fund. This should be use it within 90 days of the original flight date. The value stored will be deducted the cancellation fee and/or other charges.
  2. If your flight is delayed or canceled by at least 3 hours, the value of your ticket can be refunded or stored it in the Travel Fund without charges. Through the Travel Fund, you may then rebook your flight without any charge should you decide to travel within 30 days of your original flight date.
  3. If your flight is disrupted due to weather conditions or other force majeure situations, you can rebook it without any charges provided you travel within 30 days of the original flight date. Otherwise, your booking can also be stored in the Travel Fund but with charge since this is considered a cancellation.
  4. If you are unable to use your ticket or booking, you can transfer it to another person for a corresponding passenger name change fee.(finally)
  5. Separate Travel Funds of the same person may be pooled to make a new booking.
  6. If the rebooked flight is of lesser value than what is in the travel fund, you can still use the remaining amount within the validity period.
  7. If the rebooked flight is of higher value than what is in your Travel Fund, you can simply add to it when you make the new booking.
  8. The Travel Fund applies to bookings made starting December 1. However, those who made earlier bookings can still opt to avail of the Travel Fund.

Know more about creating the Cebu Pacific Travel Fund and its specific regulations. Visit or call the 24-hour CEB reservations hotlines at (02) 702-0888 or (032)230-8888.

29 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific Introduces Travel Fund; Allows Passenger Name Change

  1. This looks pretty good considering how strict their policies are regarding rebookings and refunds. I think this would definitely lure a lot of customers in. Heck, I’m even on contemplating on having one.

  2. Right! The truth is this — the so-called Travel Fund is for Ceb Pac to avoid giving out cash refund. Any amount put into this fund is to be used within 90 days of its creation. In other words, if for whatever innocent reason you need to cancel your booking, you’ll have to spend whatever little refund amount is left with you and book another flight with them. Talk about giving the customers “increased flexibility without the fuss” — say that again? What’s not a fuss, not getting the full refund?

    It’s like you’re in a supermarket, then the cashier has no small change and gives you candies instead. If this is not allowed, why is Ceb Pac getting away with this?

  3. I had this happen to me, it’s actual a catch, i think they trained their call center agent to tell you that-in my case- charge is 3k change name, what they actually mean is per fight. A round trip ticket will cost you double the fee they tell you. It’s a scam, you end up paying 90%, that’s on top of the travel tax they will take from you upon rebooking on another name. What if you don’t make your flight, do you get to refund the travel tax since you never made it. Cebu pacific Conair.

  4. i am booked for a flight to misamis. unfortunately, i cannot go on the specified date. i want to transfer the ticket to another person. how do i do this?

  5. Wow, so that means my 3k plus refund was gone? I have travel fund and I cant see it at anymore. There’s not even an email warning that the fund will be expiring soon. THIS IS STEALING!!!

  6. we could not get the ID of my costumer because they went to other place can i just change because it was my mistake. i attached the form that my costumer fill up form. please change the mispelled name diasy to daisy. it was my fault. i am really sorry.

  7. This is a scam. If you need to cancel your ticket or rebook another they only credit you 1/3 of your fee. They pocket 2/3rds. I am still waiting to see my 1/3 of the ticket I purchased in my fund.

  8. Hi..
    How much is the passenger change name fee?
    From Manila to Cagayan de oro. Is it still possible to change even if its a promo??

  9. cancelled po ang flight ko last nov.13, naipasok po sa cebu pacific fund maari pa po bang dagdagan para ngayong dec pwedi po bang isalin sa ibang name na gagamit ngayong dec 20? salamat po

  10. I have a booked flight for May 23-26,2019 travel with my senior citizen mom and two kids. Can we convert our ticket to travel fund? so we can used it maybe two weeks after my operation. I have an scheduled emergency operation tonight or tomorrow due to appendicitis. Hoping for ur kind consideration. Here’s my email add [email protected]. Will be sending u medical documents after my operation. Thank u so much and God Bless

  11. Hi how to know my travel fund reference no. I think i didnt save it. seems that i cancel a non refundable flight. And i dont know if its already on my travel fund please help me thanks.

  12. My flight was canceled due to the Community Quarantine. The money was placed to my travel fund but when I tried to rebook a flight on a different date, the fare already increased. How do we go about this?

  13. I clicked the travel fund option. Now the itin booking reference can’t be used anymore. Where can I see the “virtual wallet” amount?

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