Iloilo Bound – My First Solo Domestic Trip

This Saturday, April 10, would be my first solo domestic trip – and I’m going to Iloilo; for the first time as well. :)

Iloilo Trip

Iloilo Trip

Ironically, this is not my first trip alone. My first solo trip was to a foreign land called Singapore back in 2008.

Anyway, back to 2010. Although some may find it weird traveling alone, most of the best travel bloggers I know actually do travel by themselves quite often.

And based from my Singapore experience, I find it quite exciting as well – the thrill of uncertainty and uncovering the unknown by yourself. I find it quite an booster an ego booster as well – developing the confidence that you will eventually make it besides the odds. Or better yet, strengthening of the faith that the Hand will always be there to protect and guide you along the way; and that He will not lead you astray unless for a purpose. :)

So why did I choose Iloilo? Simply because I haven’t been there. It’s a personal preference to go to places I haven’t been to against places I have; even if I love them very much.

If you know me personally or read this blog quite often, you’d know that I love the Coron islands best. And I haven’t found myself back there since 2006. Sagada is also a cool, homey place ideal for a summer getaway but I’d still prefer a province I haven’t been to.

Sago and the Ticket to Iloilo

Sago and the Ticket to Iloilo

And so, it is Iloilo this time.

It would actually be a short and sweet weekend stay because I’ll be back in Manila the evening of the next day. I won’t actually be exploring Iloilo far and wide. I’d just like to take a glimpse – a glimpse of their landscape, of the people, of the air, and a taste of their local food.

I don’t want to know it all, I don’t want to know everything about Iloilo City. I want to leave the province wanting for a next time.

I hope to come up with my short and simple itinerary for this upcoming carefree weekend as a stranger on a soil virgin to my itchy feet – Iloilo.

  1. Vivian
  2. Sebs
  3. Sago
  4. Da
  5. Sago
  6. eRLyN
  7. The Nomadic Pinoy
  8. Berniemack HabagatCentral
  9. Pinoy AdvenTurista
  10. Sago

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