Travel Fit, Travel Happy

I started exploring the Philippines in 2006. My trip to Coron opened my eyes to the beauty of our country. It was followed by a surf trip to La Union, a tour in Vigan, Laoag, and Pagudpod; the rest is history.

Beach Jumpshot
Beach Jumpshot (now my left knee hurts) 🙂

I started traveling a bit late though at the age of 28. Let’s just say the cost of traveling was a deterrent for me then. Thanks to budget travels and low cost airlines which started at about the same time.

Since then,  I was able to explore and cross out a lot more provinces in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, from my bucket list.

Travel Blogging: Then and Now


Being a travel blogger also opened a lot more opportunities starting 2008. However, a lot has changed since then. I am now married and not as physically strong as I am before.

I recently read an article encouraging people in their 20s to travel the world while they are young, because when the age factor kicks-in, you may not be physically able to do things as easily.

This is so true.

Travel Fit, Travel Happy!

Climb the mountain summit you want to reach.

Catch the wave and ride the surf.

Book that next zero-fare flight to somewhere you haven’t been to.

Explore the beauty of that cave you’ve been yearning.

Trek the rice paddies of the Banawe Rice Terraces you thought you couldn’t muster.

This realization of travel and fitness did not come as a surprise though. I knew time will come that I will be physically less capable so I am always conscious of my health and what I eat. I take a tablet of multivitamins daily and a generic Vitamin C in the morning. There are a lot more variants that promise good health in the market like Circulan soft gel capsules. This in particular helps your blood circulation which aids your overall body health. It’s a free market and you have a lot of choices nowadays.

I would just like to highlight that you include a healthy eating habit and exercise with that supplement as well. I’m not saying you go on a diet or something. I know that can be hard. I have my own cheat-days too. At the very least, be conscious of what you eat and minimize the garbage.

The 4x4 Jeep @ Mt. Pinatubo
The 4×4 Jeep @ Mt. Pinatubo

Enjoy more years of exploration even in old age. Catch the next direct flight to Bali, ride the 4×4 truck to Mt. Pinatubo‘s crater, take the banca ride to Palawan’s subterranean river, without worries getting sick. Travel fit and travel happy!

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