Farm Tourism May Be Future Topic at Asian Seed Congress

The Philippines played host in the recent 25th Asian Seed Congress (ASC) held at Marriott Manila Hotel in Pasay City. In the press conference right after the launch and opening remarks, Let’s Go Sago inquired about the group’s outlook on the growing trend in the Philippine agricultural industry – farm tourism.

Farm tourism has helped farmers in different rural parts of the country in improving their revenue model by adding a new income stream and creating jobs for the local community as a whole.

Asian Seed Congress
25th Asian Seed Congress

Representatives of the Asian Seed Congress is positive in this new area. Although they acknowledged that this was never a major discussion point in the past gatherings, this is something they are now seriously considering for future Asian Seed Congress, now that it has been brought up.

Seed Experts @ 25th Asian Seed Congress

Hundreds of seed experts, traders and buyers gathered from all over the world for the above-mentioned biggest gathering of seed industry players in the world. The ASC is jointly organized by the Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA) and the Philippine Seed Industry Association (PSIA).

Held for the third time on the Philippines and anchored on the concept, “Seed the Future,” the Congress hopes to reinforce the significant role that the largely ignored tiny seed play in our daily lives, as the main source of our food, clothes, fuel, among other things.

Asian Seed Congress
Press Conference for Asian Seed Congress
Asian Seed Congress
25th Asian Seed Congress

APSA is the biggest regional seed trade association with more than 600 members from 50 countries, accounting for more than one third of the global seed trade. Since it’s inauguration in 1994 in Chang Mai, Thailand, this exclusive event has attracted close to 2,000 delegates annually, including key executives, officials, legislators and scientists who all share a common stake in the development, production, distribution, regulation, and trade of quality seeds.

. . . Our annual gathering is something that all of us in the seed industry look forward to because it is the time where, together, we learn new seed technologies, exchange views on regulatory trends, network for seed trading, reconnect with colleagues in the industry, experience, explore opportunities for farmers to further grow their businesses, and jointly discuss strategies on how to better promote and protect the industry. We are also excited on the business that will be generated in the trading tables knowing that our regional seed industry is the strongest around the world,” PSIA President Mary Ann Sayoc adds.

APSA President Brenda Dossey for her part said that the organization’s growth to become the largest regional seed association in the world is through the cooperation of the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Danish International Development Agency aimed at promoting quality seed production and marketing in the Asia and Pacific Region.

Asian Seed Congress
Asian Seed Congress @ Philippines

Furthermore, APSA Secretariat Acting Director May Chodchoey said that “the Asian Seed Congress facilitates a prime opportunity for stakeholders to get together in one place where delegates can network, grow their business and get updates on the latest industry developments and technologies, to gain an edge in the most populous and lucrative region in the world.”

Philippine Seed Industry 

Sen. Cynthia Villar, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, said that while the Philippines may be regarded as one of the emerging leaders, there is still a necessity to explore additional growth in this sector and ensure that is protected by the right regulatory framework.

Villar filed Senate Bill 322, which seeks to set up a continuing national program for hybrid and other quality seeds production which hopes to complement the existing SEED Industry Development Act (SIDA).

Marriott Manila Hotel
@ Marriott Manila Hotel
Asian Seed Congress 2018
Asian Seed Congress 2018

The two-decade old SIDA is up for amendment and the seed industry is excited looking forward to additional measures that will improve, safeguard and strengthen the country’s seed industry.

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Congratulations to Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA) and the Philippine Seed Industry Association (PSIA) for successfully organizing the 25th Asian Seed Congress leading the way into generating millions worth of businesses for the seed industry both here in the Philippines and across Asia. And perhaps, in the near future, these can be integrated with farm tourism as well.

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