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Mt. Pinatubo Trip Participants’ List

The Akyat Pinatubo day tour is pushing through! Just not on the original date of May 28, 2011 courtesy of typhoon ‘Chedeng‘

Why I Don’t Travel During Holy Week

The Holy Week is a religious holiday in the Philippines that includes traditional spiritual practices and a long break from work. Most urban settlers take this opportunity to go to far places and provinces while going on

Eurotel Baguio Hotel Review

Raining or not, summer has definitely arrived in the Philippines, albeit belatedly. But this didn’t stop me and a group of friends from taking some time off for a vacation at Philippine’s summer capital – Baguio –

The Meranti Saturday Brunch Series: Photography

It’s my second Saturday Brunch Series workshop at Two Serendra’s The Meranti. The first one was a foodie workshop with Chef Jackie Laudico.

DOT & Bonamine Push ‘Basta Pinas Biyahe Tayo’ Campaign

DOT and Bonamine recently partnered together to promote domestic tourism in the Philippines with a catchy phrase of “Basta Pinas, Biyahe Tayo.”

Pyromusical Week 5 Photos – Australia

This is Philippine International Pyromusical Competition‘s fifth week photo set for Australia captured March 13, 2011. Australia is the 9th and last competitor participant over the past five weeks in the 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

Pyromusical Week 2 Photos – UK

This is part 2 of the second week photo set (United Kingdom – UK)  complementing the Pyromusical show of Portugal (February 19) held on the same day. Fifth and final week of the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Pyromusical Week 2 Photos – Portugal

This is my second photo set of the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, particularly from Week 2 (February 19) pyromusical show of Portugal. As week 1 with Spain and South Korea was amazing, week 2 with Portugal was