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Seafood Platter : TGI Friday’s Lent Highlight (Part 2)

This is the concluding sequel for yesterday’s Lenten Meal Special post. The two other TGI Friday’s Lent inspired meals are the Seafood Platter and Low-Carb Salmon. The latter is obviously for those on weight watch while the

Lenten Meal Specials : TGI Friday’s (Part 1)

Today, Palm Sunday, specially marks the start of Christiandom’s last week of Lent – the Holy Week. For the next 7 days, and as part of the Roman Catholic tradition avoiding meat products specially red meat, dining

Can It Always Be Friday(‘s)?

Yes! You don’t even have to wait for the weekends to treat yourself!  TGIFriday’s never runs out of cool promos for its customers. TGI Friday’s now invites you to A Week of Friday’s!