Seafood Platter : TGI Friday’s Lent Highlight (Part 2)

Fridays Seafood Platter
Fridays Seafood Platter

This is the concluding sequel for yesterday’s Lenten Meal Special post. The two other TGI Friday’s Lent inspired meals are the Seafood Platter and Low-Carb Salmon.

The latter is obviously for those on weight watch while the former is for those on the other end of the spectrum.

Low-Carb Salmon

Fridays Lenten Low-Carb Salmon
Friday's Lenten Low-Carb Salmon

The Low-Carb Salmon (P545) is a simple meal for the healthy buff. The North-Atlantic Salmon is chargrilled. The green beans on the side are lightly garlic-buttered and served with roasted tomato. Sago gives this one a thumbs up!

Bountiful Seafood Platter

The Seafood Platter (P1125) is the best of Friday’s seafood in one big platter and is ideal for family sharing, a small family that is. It is a set of three with the chargrilled North-Atlantic Salmon (right-most) leading the pack. To its left is the fried calamari followed by the white fish dusted with Cajun flour and pan fried. Finally, it is glazed with the awesome Jack Daniel’s sauce for the finale.

Fridays Lenten Bountiful Seafood Platter
Friday's Lenten Bountiful Seafood Platter

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