Revisiting Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattles Best Coffee Ordeal
Seattle's Best Coffee Ordeal

Seattle’s Best Coffee is one of first-comer-coffee-shops in the Philippines during its industry boom which started in the late 90’s. Together with Starbucks, it was one of the brands which enjoyed immediate name recall.

It seemed however, to have dawdled behind through the years as newer and bigger coffee brands came into the Philippines. Competition was stiff as coffee houses sprouted left and right among the busiest streets of the metro.

Nonetheless, it was able to hold its presence and keep up a dependable following.

Seattles Best Coffee Java Blends
Seattle's Best Coffee Java Blends

And after more or less a decade, I love how it was able to maintain its quality service and laid back atmosphere, typical of a coffee shop. I revisited their Bonifacio High Street branch two months ago and relighted my fondness for their Java blends with mint and some pasta.

Seattles Best Coffee Pasta
Seattle's Best Coffee Pasta

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