Monthly Archive:: June 2009

Sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint – Sagada Series 3

After the trek at Banga-an Rice Terraces and Bomod-ok Falls on day 1, our day 2 started early with a sunrise at the Kiltepan Viewpoint.

Starbucks Unveils Something New on July 2

Seven days from now, Starbucks will reveal a new set of iced beverages and pastry items to add zest in your Starbucks experience. On July 2, 2009, Starbucks Coffee Company will start to offer three new variants

Burger Avenue’s The Ridiculous Burger Challenge (in Video)

It came as a surprise. Together with some friends earlier this afternoon, we dined at A.Venue’s Burger Avenue in Makati. With some teasing and prodding from fellow blogger-friends, I took the burger-eating dare called The Ridiculous Challenge.

‘Open Doors’ monument in Israel honors Philippines

Yesterday, the Open Doors monument in honor of the Philippines has been unveiled in Israel’s Rishon Lezion Memorial Park. The landmark recognizes the Filipino’s courage and hospitality when back in 1939, during the crisis the Jews were

Sago is Going to Bali, Indonesia

Yehey! Two days from now, Sago and I are off to Bali in Indonesia! But first, we’ll be passing by Malaysia for a connecting flight to Bali. These has been planned since four months ago when together

Kaya’s Talangkanin – a Korean Bibimbap & Filipino Aligue Fusion

Talangkanin was formed from the Tagalog play of words ‘talangka’ (small crab) and ‘kanin’ (rice). It can also be called Aligue Bibmbap which is based from one of Korea’s staple dishes Bibimbap (mixed rice). Kaya Restaurant incorporated

“Let’s Go Surfing,” the Anniversary Surfing Clinic

The wait is over, finally it’s revealed., one of the newest travel and dining blog in the Philippines, is turning ONE exactly two months from today. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, Sago is organizing a charity

Travel & Food Expos this June: Roam The X; MAFBEX

Travel and food expos are upcoming in the next few weeks of June! On June 12, Roam Magazine is coming up with what they call the “hippest travel fair in town“  – Roam The X. For the