Burger Avenue’s The Ridiculous Burger Challenge (in Video)

Burger Avenue
Burger Avenue

It came as a surprise. Together with some friends earlier this afternoon, we dined at A.Venue’s Burger Avenue in Makati. With some teasing and prodding from fellow blogger-friends, I took the burger-eating dare called The Ridiculous Challenge.

The Ridiculous Challenge is simply finishing Burger Avenue’s P255 ($5) ‘Ridiculous Burger‘ in 5 minutes or less and it’s free!

Simple right? But have I mentioned that it’s a gigantic 1-pound burger with three thick all-beef burger patties? Now that’s something! If you know me personally or base it on my looks/physical appearance, you wouldn’t bet I can finish that big-a-burger in 5 minutes. I almost declined actually, saying that I would rather enjoy the burger at my own pace.

With eyes focused on the timer and the Burger Avenue crew watching over, I unwrapped the white-paper cover as the clock started to tick.

My strategy involved not eating the burger in the usual two-handed-burger-in-mouth-bite. Instead, I flipped the buns and focused on one beef burger patty first, followed by the second and so on; with some bite on the tomato and lettuce slices along the way.

2 minutes, 30 seconds, and 2 patties after, I thought I could finish it. But I ended up with 5 minutes and 30 seconds. The bread buns and the last patty was hard to chew and swallow to beat the five-minute limit.

The Ridiculous Challenge Video *courtesy of Adaphobic.com (Ada)

I was not successful in my attempt but I was proud to have almost made it as this was my first time to try a timed eating contest of any kind.

The Ridiculous Burger ingredients include grilled all-beef triple patty, three cheese slices, oatmeal buns, tomato slices, and lettuce.

If I almost made it, you can too! Take the Ridiculous Challenge by visiting Burger Avenue at A Venue Mall along B.Valdez St.,corner Makati Avenue, Makati City. They also deliver within 4km radius. Call 729.9108.

10 thoughts on “Burger Avenue’s The Ridiculous Burger Challenge (in Video)

  1. @Ced – haha, alam ko kaya mo ito! 🙂

    @Roy – san ka ba? sa A Venue ito sa makati

    @Ada – Let’s Go Sago!

  2. man, uber Fail D: … dunno when will i get to try that challenge, have to invite my boss to do that with me! (oh i just remmbered.. he’s just developed an allergy to tomato and potato) required ba ubusin pati yung tomatoes? haha

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