“A Cookies and Cream Moment” Wins Red Ribbon Cake Contest

A Cookies & Cream Moment
A Cookies & Cream Moment

After the 3-week online writing contest by Red Ribbon last month. The winner for the cake experience blog writing contest is now revealed. This is in celebration of Red Ribbon‘s newest cake – the Cookies and Cream with Oreo Cake.

Sago on Cookies & Cream
Sago loves it!

The cake was launched last May 1 in time for the then upcoming Mother’s Day. Way early in the contest period, we started receiving varied entries from around the online community from different bloggers and writers. And for this, Red Ribbon would like to thank all those who participated.

Winners & Prizes

Drum roll please… and the top three winners are:

  1. Maria Elena of Swept Away

  2. Czaroma of A Woman Remembers

  3. Rowena of Animetric’s World

 A Cookies and Cream Moment - by Swept Away Blog
A Cookies and Cream Moment - by "Swept Away" Blog

Thanks to the Cookies and Cream cake for enabling me to capture such a lovely father-and-son sight to behold. Moments such as these make me feel over blessed …

Maria Elena T. Danganan or ‘Mai‘ for short of the blog “Swept Away” got the top spot with a prize of P1500 worth of Red Ribbon gift certificates.

Czaroma Roman of “A Woman Remembers” blog followed with P1000 worth of GCs.

Interestingly, our third placer is our Red Ribbon ‘suki’Rowena Wendy Lei of “Animetric’s World” who is a true patron of Red Ribbon and its contests where she won 2nd place in the recent online contest on the salisbury steak and carbonara meals. 🙂 She will receive P700 worth of gift certificates.

“Its layering of creamy cookies and cream filled with real chocolate cookie chunks…is the best thing about this cake. …the soft whole Oreo cookies toppings finishe[d] the taste with a big bang.” – Mai of ‘Swept Away’ blog

Red Ribbon’s First Cake Story

The contest was also made interesting with a twist in the latter part where the participants were given the option to have their prizes upgraded by including the Red Ribbon’s First Cake Story entitled “Monthsary. From the P1000, P600, and P400 prizes, they were upgraded to the prizes mentioned above.

Fortunately all our winners did include the video in their entries which automatically upgraded their prizes. Again, congratulations!

Here again is the video:

How To Claim Your Prizes

All three winners will be contacted through the email addresses used in submitting their entries. You would be required to submit your full name and your branch of choice from where you would claim your Red Ribbon GCs. You would receive an email confirmation soon as when to claim them; you should bring 1 ID with picture on that day for arrangements made with the respective store manager.

Cookies & Cream Cake

Cookies & Cream Cake

Again, thank you to all who participated. We hope that you would continue to enjoy Red Ribbon’s Cookies & Cream with Oreo cake.

16 thoughts on ““A Cookies and Cream Moment” Wins Red Ribbon Cake Contest

  1. wow thanks so much, this is my first win at letsgosago! this time, I’m gonna buy a whole cake and not just 2 slices 🙂

    congrats sis rowena… “suki” ka talaga kahit saan!

  2. O.T. telegenic ka pala hehe….

    sayang lang kulang ang oras, Sweet Life should have better writers, gusto nilang isiksik lahat sa kakaunting oras, mabilisan tuloy ang pagpo-promote ng mga sites nyo.

    i think there should be a separate episode na puro kayo lang 😉

  3. i just watched the video now..and i saw from the credits, original story from jamie jumaquio. She’s my classmate from gradeschool Hahaha. 🙂

    nice touch. 🙂

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