Cookies & Cream with Oreo Cake: the newest from Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Cookies & Cream Cake
Red Ribbon Cookies & Cream Cake

Red Ribbon officially launched yesterday the Cookies and Cream with Oreo Cake as the newest addition to its family of scrumptious cakes!

With the combination of cookies and cream flavor and Oreo, indeed it is a delicious way to brighten up your day!

Sago drools over Cookies & Cream Cake
Sago drools over the cake

It is a truly a feel-good comfort food with its crispy Oreo cookie chunks surrounding the cake. But don’t dismiss it just for decoration, generous Oreo cookie bits are also found inside the cake between layers of vanilla and chocolate chiffon.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this wold be a perfect gift for my mom on her special day. Something to brighten up her day, I guess! 🙂

The cake comes in two sizes, regular (P520/$11) and junior (P310/$6.60).

Cookies and Cream Cake
Cookies and Cream Cake

Lastly, you have to notice the cute little whole Oreo cookies on top of the cake. They’re smaller than your regular Oreo cookies. They’re similar to Oreo mini’s and ordered directly by Red Ribbon from Oreo. 🙂

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  1. Wow! That gave me an idea for Mother’s Day! Too bad I’ll be in Manila on Mother’s Day this year. 🙁
    Anyways, I think we’ll have to celebrate before or after. 🙂

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