Mom Blogger Wins Salisbury Steak & Carbonara Writing Contest

Red Ribbons Creamy Carbonara

Red Ribbon’s Creamy Carbonara

Red Ribbon revealed the ‘Share Your Salisbury Steak & Carbonara’ blog writing contest exactly a week ago. This is to launch Red Ribbon‘s newest offering of two new improved meals in their menu – the Salisbury Steak and the Creamy Carbonara.

We received a number of entries and most of them are good ones. This made the judging an uneasy task for Red Ribbon management. Nonetheless, we would like to thank all those who participated in the contest.


Without further adieu, the top three winners are:

  1. Chats Siao of iMom Online

  2. Rowena Lei of Animetric’s World

  3. Alvin Chua of Chef Tonio

Mom blogger ‘Chats’ got the top prize followed by fellow mom and food blogger Rowena from Animetric’s World. Alvin ‘Chef Tonio’ capped the top three.


The three winners will all receive Red Ribbon gift certificates. The grand winner gets Php1000 worth of GCs, followed by the second with Php600 worth of GCs, and Php400 Red Ribbon GCs for the third.

Red Ribbons New Improved Meals

Red Ribbon’s New Improved Meals

How To Claim Your Prizes

All three winners will be contacted through the email addresses used in submitting their entries. You would be required to submit your full name and your branch of choice from where you would claim your Red Ribbon GCs. You would receive an email confirmation soon as when to claim them; you should bring 1 ID with picture on that day for arrangements made with the respective store manager.

Cookies & Cream Cake

Cookies & Cream Cake

Again, thank you to all who participated and please continue to join other Red Ribbon online contests like the ongoing Cookies & Cream Cake blog writing contest.

6 thoughts on “Mom Blogger Wins Salisbury Steak & Carbonara Writing Contest

  1. Wheee! Wow, I did not expect this. Red Ribbon-fest for the family coming up! LOL
    Thank you for organizing this contest, Sago. And more power to Red Ribbon!

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