Red Ribbon’s ‘Share Your Salisbury Steak & Carbonara’ Blog Writing Contest

Red Ribbon's Salisbury Steak
Red Ribbon's Salisbury Steak

Ahoy! Red Ribbon is hosting a blog writing contest for the participants of the “Brighten Up Your Day with Red Ribbon” event. Read along for the mechanics, essential dates and prizes.


* All participants of the  “Brighten Up Your Day with Red Ribbon, a New Cake Unveiled” are qualified.

1)    Write a blog about your experience on Red Ribbon’s 2 new improved meals.
2)    The blog entry should contain at least 200 words.
3)    The title should contain the names of the new-improved meals.
4)     The words ‘Red Ribbon’, ‘Salisbury Steak’ and ‘Carbonara’ should be present anywhere in the last two sentences of the blog.
5)    At least in one instance, the words ‘Red Ribbon’ should link to anywhere within the article.
6)    The blog should contain at least one picture of either or both of the meals. The minimum 1 photo should be an original photo of the writer. The product could be part of a bigger picture. (e.g. Mother feeding her daughter with a slice of the product). The minimum 1 photo requirement should be an original photo. It could have been shot by anybody – family or stranger – as long as it is owned by the writer; to avoid any copyright issues. (More than one photo can be used, but only the first photo will have weigh in the judging. Red Ribbon provided photos may be used for the ‘other’ photos)
7)    One blogger can post many entries in his /her different blogs. One blog- one entry policy. However, a blogger can only win once and win the higher price.

Criteria for Judging:
Writing Style:         50%
Photo Relevance:    30%
Over-all Impact:    20%

1st Place: P1000 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
2nd Place: P600 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
3rd Place: P400 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate

Red Ribbon Banner
Red Ribbon Banner
Red Ribbons Creamy Carbonara
Red Ribbon's Creamy Carbonara

Red Ribbon Management

The entries could only be posted in your blog/s anytime from May 5 to May 10, 2009.

Submit your specific blog entry URL to [email protected] and carbon copy [email protected] and [email protected] with the subject: “Red Ribbon’s Salisbury Steak and Carbonara Contest.” Also include your Name, Blog Name, Blog URL, & Mobile Number/s in the email.

Winners shall be announced and published on May 12, 2009 as a blog post in

Winners shall be contacted through their emails to indicate in which Red Ribbon branch they wish to pick up the gift certificates.

Red Ribbons New Improved Meals
Red Ribbon's New Improved Meals

Dates to Remember:
May 5-10 –     Contest Proper
May 10 –    Last Date of Submission
May 12 –    Judging and announcement of winners

So what are you waiting for? Join Red Ribbon‘s “Share Your Salisbury Steak & Carbonara” Blog Writing Contest!

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