A Retrospect of the Serendra Food Tasting Tour

SerendraTwo days ago, we reminisced on last year’s Trinoma Food Tour.  While today, we once again go back 365 days ago on the Seredra & Bonifacio High Street Food Tasting Tour.

Again sponsored by Spot.ph then, the group met at Krispy Kreme Bonifacio HS where we were treated with our choice doughnut and the ‘Orange You Glad’ drink. OUr specific subgroup started in the Bonifacio High Street area with Texas Roadhouse Grill. Kabisera ng Dencio’s followed, then Starbucks and TGIFridays. Italiannis and New Orleans capped the set in Bonifacio .

The KabiseraNewOrleansSerendra area greeted us with Portico, Mezza Luna and Polu Kai Grill. Food tasting continued in Cuillere, Mamou, Chelsea and Fu.

14 restaurants after, we had our coffee break at Kape Isla.

As common practice, a meal is not complete without desserts. So we intentionally delayed our desserts stops. Choco-late De Batirol was first choice, folowed by Xocolat, Miss Desserts, and finally Cupcakes by Sonja. Yes, it was in plural form, as if one isn’t enough, Cupcakes gave us 4 to go along with.

Similarly to the Trinoma Food Tour, there were establishments which stood out from our taste buds and observations.

Kabisera ng Dencios and Polu Kai Grill were generous in their servings.

PorticoCuillereAmbience were a notch higher at Kabisera, New Orleans, Portico, and Mezza Luna.

Blogger friendly (informative) spots are Krispy Kreme, TexasRoadhouse Grill, Cuillere, and Miss Desserts.

Recognizably friendly establishments were Kabisera, New Orleans, Mezza Luna, and Xocolat. At the top of this list is Polu Kai Grill; Aloha!

Polu Kai

Interesting food finds were Polu Kai’s Spicy Garlicky Shrimp, Chelsea’s Hickory Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs Pizza (left photo, upper-left quadrant of pizza), Starbucks Black Forest Sandwich – Ham, Egg White & Cheeze on Ciabatta Bread (right photo; copyright of establishment),


and Texas RoadHouse’s Shrimp & Salmon Skewer (photo provided; copyright of establishment),


And to sweetly cap this article – the sweet lovers’ finds are Kabisera’s ‘Sinturon’ – ube-langka- macapuno-filled turon & ice cream,


Polu Kai’s Pineapple Shake (right photo) served in actual pineapple body, Cupcakes by Sonja’s Red Velvet Vixen (left photo provided; copyright of Cupcakes),


and Choco-Late de Batirol’s wooden-stick-stirred Hot Chocolate.


Certainly, looking back at those stomach-stretching experience brings all the memories of laughter and fun back, just like the Trinoma Food Tour. How I wish I could take Sago to a similarly huge food tour soon. Another Bonifacio High Street & Serendra food tasting tour would not hurt. 🙂

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