Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things – The Spicy Adventure!

Buffalos Wings N Things
Buffalo's Wings N' Things

Sago normally doesn’t dig spicy stuff, but a foodie should try not to confine oneself to what he/she only prefers – he/she should try many cuisines. And so, we checked out Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things and were glad to have done so.

Buffalos Wings N Things Menu
Buffalo's Wings N' Things Menu

Barely two months in business, Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things seem to got the potential. I find their menu interesting having levels of hotness (signified by the number of flame graphics). The 5 spicy levels started from the most conservative ‘Rookie;’ up to the ‘Nuclear‘ on the other extreme.

Jalapeno Hots
Jalapeno Hots

We started with the Jalapeno Hots; a mildly spicy introduction. Now for the ‘leveled‘ Buffalo Wings. Logically enough (excuses), we chose to start with the mildest, “The Rookie.” It was in the range of the previous Jalapeno Hots but in a different way, it has some sour component.

Time to shift gears and try the next one: “New York’s Finest.” I felt the intensity increased slightly but it was still able to handle it. It was good that we had ice-cold beer to wash out any unbearable spice. Now the thought of reaching the “Nuclear” started to dread me. 🙂

Buffalos Wings N Things The Rookie & Sago
Buffalo's Wings N' Things' The Rookie & Sago

And what do you know, since we came late to the gathering and it was past 9pm, the group decided to jump right to the “Nuclear“! And not wanting to sound like a sissy, I remained quiet. 🙂

And so it came. Using the excuse that I was already full (and for adventure’s sake), I took a small slice of the Nuclear buffalo wings. Just a small drop of the sauce and it goes ka-boom; (beer please)…aaahhhh. On the other hand, I thought it was good that we didn’t have to go through the Firehouse Classic and Dial 911 and went straight to the Nuclear just to get it over. 🙂 (haha). But it was good (and brave of me & Sago).

Garlic Parmesan
Garlic Parmesan

Interestingly, we had a break from the spicy ones with the Garlic Parmesan buffalo wings.

And to this Sago gives his thumbs up! Not just because it was not spicy, but because the it was really good with parmesan shreds and garlicky rich taste.

Of course, the white meat was also tender. You have to try it!

Check out the rest of their menu below (as of April 2009)

Champion Buffalo Wngs

1/2 Pound    125
1 Pound    245
Triple Sampler    365

Signature Sauces:
The Rookie
New York’s Finest
Firehouse Classic
Dial 911

Jalapeno Hots

Java Jive
Garlic Parmesan
Honey BBQ


Chipos N’ Salsa    75
Mini Burger – 3pcs    155
Chic N’ Quesadilla    125
Fish N’ Fries    195
Philly Cheese Steak    225
Chili N’ Cheese Nachos    125
Twin Dogs    135
Fish Tacos    165
Spicy Chicken Burrito    165
Ultimate Steak Burrito    175


Frozen Specialties (Margarita, Vodka N’ Orange, Lychee Crush)
Glass    95
Liter    245

Domestic beers    36
Specailty Beers
(SMB Premium, Heineken, Stella A.)

Buffalos Wings N Things Nuclear
Buffalo's Wings N' Things' Nuclear

They also hold a “Friday Night Wing Fight” from time to time where you can join a buffalo wings eating contest. Check out their Facebook account here.

They’re located at Food Street – corner of Julia Vargas and Merlaco Avenue at the back of Ortigas Home Depot, Pasig City. Call them at 994-8887. Email [email protected]

So much for the Sago’s Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things spicy adventure! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things – The Spicy Adventure!

  1. Not coming back to their BF Homes Branch. Slow service, lagi tulala yung waitress, tapos the amount of food they service is measly. The taste of the sauce is average. Go to Flaming Wings, or Don Henrico’s or eat at Dencio’s and the like. P129 for two pieces of small chicken wings that were cut into half to make it look like they’re serving four pieces, hindi na nho! Tsk, tsk… Tapos service charge pa was 10%. Para naman deserving sila sa 10% service charge!

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